Thursday, 24 March 2011

Debate: Glasses, cool or uncool?

I know my profile picture might not show it, but I actually wear glasses permanently, and yes, this is a personal choice. I've toyed with the idea of getting contact lenses, in the very distant past, but to be honest, I've worn them for so long, that I think they've just become a part of me, and how I look. I feel like I wouldn't be me, anymore without them, if that makes any sense. Whilst I have never been bullied for wearing glasses, I've begun to notice, as I've gotten older, how few people wear glasses. And even those that do, don't wear them unless they have to. It's like we still haven't been able to get past the "speccy four eyes" era of childhood, and we still mentally consider glasses to be "uncool". But, personally, I think glasses can look great.

I just scoured three popular women's beauty magazines, and the only people that I could find wearing glasses (not sunglasses), were Tinie Tempah, and Misfits star Nathan Stewart-Jarrett. It's interesting too, that these are both men! I did, however, manage to find an advert for Elnett Satin Hair Spray, in which the model was wearing glasses, but rather disappointingly, they had no glass in them, which makes no sense to me. What exactly were L'Oreal trying to conjure with this image?

Another male, who has glasses, as a part of his overall image, is the wonderful Gok Wan. And, he's even currently promoting a range of fantastic glasses through Specsavers. But despite Gok's well intentioned efforts, I still get the feeling that glasses will always remain to be that little bit "uncool", or will only be part of a Geek Chic trend that is obviously going around, since both Tinie Tempah and Nathan Stewart-Jarret are seen wearing large glasses. But, why are glasses seen as "geeky"? What does that even mean?

Personally, I think more female celebrities should start making a statement with wearing glasses, and not just these geek chic ones, that in my opinion, are doing nothing more than bigging up a stereotype. Kids shouldn't be ashamed to wear glasses, if they need them, and I have come across so many people squinting at fast food menus, but when asked why they're not wearing their glasses, they get all aggressive.

Do you need glasses? Do you wear them all the time, or do you choose to wear contacts? Have you ever been embarrassed of your glasses? Why do you think we still continue to brand glasses-wearers as "geeks"? What do you think could be done to help change opinions? Is Gok Wan enough? Please share your thoughts below :)


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  1. Hi Kat,
    I need to wear glasses for driving, watching telly, reading and computer work... so basically all the time Lol. I must admit though, i only wear them for driving and when i am on the laptop.... i dont know why this is, i don't mind people seeing me in glasses at all, i have pink ones, they are quite cool in my opinion!

    I tried contact lenses but i just couldn't get on with them, they made my sight blurry and my eyes very dry so in the bin they went.

    Emm xxx


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