Friday, 18 March 2011

Beauty Must Have of the Week: Oil-Free Products

I didn't get around to writing a Beauty Must Have post last week, so I'll get back on track with it :)

This week's Beauty Must have, is oil-free skincare products. The reason that these are a must-have for a lot of greasy-skinned people, myself included, is because we already have enough sebum in and around our skins pores to heat a small nation, we really don't need any more added to it. This means that a large majority of skin care products, especially for the face, are just too greasy for is, and this is usually because they are oil-based.

Now, there are tons of different products on the market at the minute, that are oil-free, but I have to say that I'm becoming a huge fan of the Simple Oil Balancing Range, which consists of:

Oil Balancing Facial Wipes: Unlike some facial wipes, I find these to be incredibly gentle on the skin, especially when using them. They leave the skin feeling smooth, and free of grease, but without leaving it feeling overly dried out.

Oil Balancing Moisturiser: At times, the oil-free moisturiser can be a little bit greasy, for my liking, especially when my skin is particularly oily. However if like me, you sometimes find that you do have more "combination" skin, than oily, then this is actually perfect.

Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash: This Exfoliating Wash is very light, and isn't bogged down with too many exfoliating particles, like other exfoliating washes. This makes it perfect for sensitive skin, in my opinion.

Oil Balancing Facial Scrub: I recently had very big issues with another leading brand of Facial Scrub, which even though it was allegedly designed for sensitive skin, actually left my skin feeling dry and incredibly irritated. Nevertheless, this one from Simple is incredibly gentle, and so far, hasn't irritated my skin, in the slightest.

Who is this range ideal for?

The Oil Balancing Range, is absolutely perfect (in my honest opinion) for anyone who:
  • Has oily or combination skin, and wants to reduce the shine
  • Has issues with sensitive skin
  • Is looking for products that are gentle, and won't irritate
  • Needs a product that won't clog up the pores

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