Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Return of the Spring Mac

Spring is finally in the air (thank goodness!), and it might still be slightly chilly, but most of us are now starting to look for a jacket to see us through the milder weather, until Summer arrives. And if you are anything like me, you probably can not wait to throw away your over-sized but warm coat for something a little bit nicer.

This Spring Seasons coats seem to be favouring the Mac, once again, which for us larger ladies, is brilliant, because the latest trends for Macs tend to be fitted around the waist, or have a waist-synching belt, that are really great at creating a really nice curve. This is nice if you're a little larger than you'd like, and don't have a lot of shape (it's also great for slimmer, boyish figures too of course!)

Last season, I had a Mac that was relatively short in length, but fortunately, this year most shops seem to be opting for a little longer, which is much better if you are seeking a jacket that hides your bum or tummy.

I've had a little scout around, and I managed to find some absolutely gorgeous Macs, just to just you all a little idea about what there is on offer, in some of the most popular providers of larger sized clothing.

Piped Mac
From: New Look
Collection: Inspired
Available in: Sizes 18 to 26
Price: £31.99 (Previously £39.99)
I absolutely adore this Mac, and am strongly considering buying it myself...
expect I don't actually need a new jacket! But, then again since when did that stop me :P

Stone Double Breasted Mac
(not "Breated" as the website states!)
Available in: Sizes 6 to 22
 Price: £45
I also have a double breasted Mac, not like this, but I love this one all the same.
However, if you have a large "chest", I really don't recommend buying a doubled breasted jacket,
because it'll just make them look enormous!

Of course, Mac's aren't for everyone, but here is a Military-style jacket that I think is so lovely, that I just had to share it with you:

Black Stretch Twill Military Jacket
Available in: Sizes 16 to 32 
(However Sizes 24 and 26-28 are both currently out-of-stock)
Price: £38
Although my jacket is a Mac, it is very similar in style to this one, 
which I think is just too cute!

 Are you looking forward to getting out of your big winter coat? What do you plan on wearing this coming Spring Season, which can not come soon enough!?


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