Monday, 21 February 2011

Lush back on their Feet

It is so nice to see that the Lush website is back up and running, following being "hacked" a while back. I am an absolutely huge fan of Lush, and can not go past a store without going in. I am usually led their by my nose, even if I'm in a town I've never been to, and didn't even know it was there, because let's face it, you can always smell Lush before you see it, and never in a bad way!

I've witnessed other popular websites that have suffered from "attacks" that have never gone back up, especially not selling products, because they're too afraid of it happening again, so I'm really glad that Lush haven't allowed some pathetic idiots to rain on their parade, so to speak. Lush are a great company (albeit sometimes a little too expensive for my likings), and not having a local one where I live, it's nice to be able to have an online browse again, even if I can't smell their beautiful aromas (oooh, I'll just have to sit here and imagine that for a little while........okay, and I'm back....maybe.....)

So, how exactly have Lush attempted to tackle the problem, and prevent it from happening again? Well, instead of just repeating what they have already said so beautifully, here's the official line from their new (apparently "temporary", but hopefully not too temporary!) website:

" will see that our payment page now takes you away from the Lush website and directly to our card providers site, where your payment is safely in the hands of the big boys at the money institutions. You can shop with confidence knowing that your details will be safe."
Whilst having a little browse around the website, I also found it sorta sad that they felt the need to thank us loyal customers for trusting them enough to come back, because anyone who has ever shopped at Lush knows how great they are, in so many ways.

In fact, going off-par a little here, Lush is one of only two shops I've come across in England (the other being my beloved Paperchase) where every single time I go in, the staff make me feel like they're happy I'm there, that I'm not burdening them, and they never make me feel like they have somewhere else they would much rather be. They're always so helpful, and I can honestly say that I have never, ever had a bad experience (I also don't think that I have ever been strong enough to walk out of Lush empty-handed, but that's something else entirely ;-P)

So, yay, I am not off to have a better lookie around their website (shame I'm too skint at the minute to buy anything though :( )


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  1. Awh I heard about the Lush website hack but I wasn't sure what had happened, thats awful :o(
    I sooo wish there was a Lush store closer to me too.. I 100% agree with you about the staff, they are always so lovely! xxxx


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