Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Debate: Price or Reward

I was just reading Hannah's blog over at Betwixt Beauty, and a comment made about her post started making me think about what motivates me to buy products, and where I buy them from. So, I thought I'd start a couple of debates going:

One. Retailers - Boots or Superdrug

First of all, which retailer do you predominantly shop at? Do you choose Superdrug, who are cheap. Or do you choose Boots, who are generally more expensive, but offer the incentive of having a rewards scheme? In this case which is more important, price or reward?

My Opinion:  At first, I thought to myself, well, of course I'd take the cheaper option, but then I really sat down and thought about it, and I realised that in the real world, I actually find myself heading to Boots more often than Superdrug. Why? Because whatever I buy from Boots is going to give me points on my Boots Card. And we all know what points make right...?

Your Opinion: Which would you choose: Boots (Rewards) or Superdrug (Cheap)? Leave your thoughts below...

Two. Products - Cheap or Reward

Our Second debate looks at actual products. There are two items for sale. They're both pretty much the same product, and they're a product that you genuinely need. One is reasonably priced, whilst the other is more expensive. However, the more expensive one comes with a money-off voucher. Do you choose the cheaper option, or the most expensive one and happily take the reward?

My Opinion: This is a toughy. If the "reward" was a free gift that wasn't too bad, this would be easy, I'd take the expensive one because we all love the idea of a freebie. But, when it comes to a money-off voucher, it's harder to decide.  Ultimately, I have to think that I'd take the cheaper option, purely because, as a rule, money-off vouchers tend to be for products that I wouldn't want in the first place. But, then they're often for money off products that I wouldn't alternatively try, so it really is tough!

Your Opinion: Again, which would you choose? Nice and cheap, or expensive but a reward in the shape of a voucher. Join the debate in the comments below :)



  1. I prefer Superdrug really, when it has 3-for-2 on cosmetics, it really is incomparable to Boots! Although I do go to Boots too for ModelsOwn/No7/17!
    I think It would depend on what the voucher entailed for me :o)

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    I have to admit that I also often find myself in Boots, purely for the Boots-exclusive brands.

    But, I also can't help thinking that 3-for-2 offers aren't necessarily that great unless you genuinely want all three items. Personally, I always end up buying at least one thing I don't need and never use :)

    I do, however, love when the Superdrug offer includes Simple products, because that's typically when I stock up on Facial Wipes and oil-free moisturisers :P


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