Saturday, 22 January 2011

Make Up Tidy Ideas

I am almost always looking for new ways to hold my various make up bits-and-bobs, especially now that I've moved into my new flat, and space is a tiny bit on the short side. So, when I made this little discovery in Paperchase, for just £2.50, I was pretty excited (I'm very sad, I know, but I'd been looking for something exactly like this, for a long time!)

The reason this little Pen Holder was so nifty, was simply because it has four different "areas" so that I can seperate different make up items.

So, eye make up brushes could be seperated from bigger brushes. And I could seperate all types of brushes from my eye liners. I can even store my detangling comb in there too...yay!

I know some of you might be thinking: what's wrong with a normal Pen Holder, and that's what I'd been using before I found this. But, my problem was, that sometimes I struggled to find some smaller items because they kind of drowned in to the midsts of the larger items, which got a little annoying.

This way, with everything kept apart, I am finding it easier to just glance at the box, see what I need, take it and go, instead of having to spend time delving into the depths of mayhem!

It's just tidier okay? And I recommend this neat and funky-looking holder to anyone looking for a neater way to store make up brushes :)


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