Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Being Big, But Smart

Hey Guys,

I know that this is a little bit (okay, a big bit) late, but Happy New Year to all of you. I hope that everyone had a great Christmas in the midsts of the snow, and that you all entered the New Year as well and healthy as possible!

To kickstart this year, I've decided to focus a little on fashion for the larger lady. I don't focus on fashion very often, so I really wanted to share this look with you all.

For me, the biggest problem about being "bigger", is that it becomes increasingly difficult to look smart, without wearing a suit. Suits are just not something I wear. It feels too much like a School Uniform, and I just don't feel comfortable wearing them anymore. Plus, when you don't have the perfect figure, looking smart is an issue anyway.

So, I attended a Family Christening over the weekend, and I have to admit that deciding what to wear was an absolute nightmare! Let's just say, I changed my mind several times over the space of a few weeks, and then again just the day before, but here is what I wore:

Long Sleeved Two-Piece Top. Ah, the old cliche about black being slimming, but in this case, the cliche is actually true. The fact that it has long black sleeves helps, but I think the way that it pulls in at the hips is incredibly flattering, alongside the contrast against the cream top underneath.

The long sleeves helps to hide "bingo wings", whilst the cardigan hides any lumps and bumps around the middle.

From: George @ Asda
Price: £12.90
Sizes: 8 - 24

Black Bootcut Cords. I loved wearing cord trousers when I was at Uni, mainly because they were so comfortable. But, a lot of you probably associate cord trousers with casual wear, as did I. But, these are a little smarter than the cords that you'd normally buy, perhaps because they're  made from thinner and softer material. I'm not sure.

If, like myself, you are large around the bum and tummy area, wearing bootcut shaped trousers helps to "shape" your legs, in a way that draws attention away from your bum and tummy, and makes it look a little slimmer.

From: George @ Asda. I actually bought these over a year ago, so I don't know if Asda still stock them.


Since I'm not really a heels-type of girl, I finished this look with a pair of smart, black flat pumps, but it would also look great with a pair of black boots if you prefer. The pumps that I wore cost £2.50 from a Charity Shop, so it really does pay to check out your local shops for some good bargains.

With the weather still being quite chilly, I also wore a black pashmina around my neck that kept me warm, but was a really nice finishing touch to the look. I borrowed the scraf from my mum!

And finally, I picked up a gorgeous pair of earrings, from the George @ Asda Sale, for just £2! Yet another bargain, if I do say so myself!

So come on girls, just because you're bigger, doesn't mean you can't look and feel great!

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