Saturday, 30 October 2010

Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation Review

These days, the majority of us are very aware of the "smart" language that a multitude of different companies use to try to manipulate us into buying their products. So, when I came to be in Superdrug looking for a new liquid foundation, now that the cooler weather has hit, I was instantly weary of this new foundation from Bourjois.

I've had some great experiences from Bourjois when it comes to Foundation, but I don't know, this one just screamed "I'm using fancy language, but really I'm just shit!" I just could not move away from this feeling of being taken for a ride by the words "Bio", "Detox" and "Organic". The words just sound too good to be true.

Nevertheless, I was desperate for a liquid foundation, I found a shade that suited my skin tone (just about), and the foundation had a promotional offer, so I decided to give it a whirl, if only for the sake of this blog!

Packaging: A while ago, I read a blog claiming that companies provide a set budget for the production of a product, which means that they either put all of their cash into the product, leaving a little for the packaging, meaning that you can't expect everything to be perfect about a product.

This definitely appears to be the case with this product. If the declaration of this product being organic etc is true, then they have most definitely sacrificed on the packaging. For a start, the packaging is plastic (not glass, like I'd expect from this type of foundation) and flimsy plastic too. The lid is just boring, and the bottle just has no really personality or oomph to it.

I can't help feeling that the packaging has also fallen foul of Bourjois choosing to dedicate too much attention to that fancy language that I mentioned before.

Application: Applying this foundation is pretty easy, with either your fingers, a foundation brush or a sponge. The only issue I had was that it really is possible to apply too much product, and if you do it can feel really disgusting, especially if, like me, you have naturally oily skin. For that reason, I think that this is probably more suited to people with dry or combination skin.

Smell: Perhaps predictably from something that claims to be organic, this foundation smells really, really....weird. I would honestly like to believe that this is because it has natural ingredients, however, whilst some of the ingredients on the packaging do *sound* natural, about 75% of them certainly don't.

Overall: I want to believe that this is a natural product, but as I've said, I honestly don't. Personally, I find this product gimmicky and sub-par compared to other foundations, especially Bourjois ones. And, I definitely feel that this is definitely not the best foundation around, and I am doubtful that I will ever buy it again.

Bought from: Superdrug
Price I Paid: £7.99 (Launch Offer)


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