Monday, 6 September 2010

The Hottie and the Nottie: September

My gosh, September already! It's weird thinking about September, because it's the month when the School Year begins, and even though I graduated five years ago, I still find it strange to not be starting a new Academic Year in September. But, it's not just education that tends to start for me in September, because September always seems to be a month of new beginnings in my life...not really sure what this month is going to bring me, but I'm excited to find out.

But, anyway, whilst I sit here patiently waiting (in Wales, where I'm on holiday of course!) I'll have a run down of what I'm loving and loathing this new month!


Boots. I know it seems way to early to be looking at boots, but it's definitely started getting chilly, and the shops have started bringing in their Autumn wardrobes, so it's a good time to mention these.
 The great thing about boots, is that it doesn't matter if you prefer boots with a big heel, a small heel or completely flat, you are guaranteed to find a boot that you love, just like these ones from New Look for £19.99 that I'm loving, and think are an absolute bargain.
 It's easy to spend a fortune on boots when it starts getting chilly, so I'm thrilled to have found these ones.
 Another great thing about boots is that you can buy a size larger and wear lovely cosy warm socks to keep your feet toasty warm.

Holidays. Personally, I think that September is a great time of year to go on holiday, because typically the weather is still pretty nice, and with the kids being back at School, it's quieter and holidays tend to be a little bit cheaper. And absolutely nothing could beat the Welsh countryside and it's cute Welsh towns and villages. I have had a (literal) lifetime love affair with Snowdonia and I'm so glad to be back.

Ghost HuntersImage via WikipediaGhost Hunters. I'm not fortunate enough to have Digital TV (I just have Freeview), so I'm forced to enjoy this online when it airs in America, but I absolutely love this show. I know a lot of people think that it's faked, but whether it is or not I still think the show is great, and it never fails to freak me out. I'm so glad that it's back after a summer break!


My Weight. This is something that I don't really talk about in my blog, mainly because I worry that if I talk  about it I'll get a load of "how can you write a beauty blog when you're nothing but a fat cow", but it's not really about anyone else, it's about me. I know I'm fat, and I know it's my fault, I just wish that I could take control and handle it. I think I just need someone  to kick me up the arse and not give up on pushing me....I really wish I could afford a personal trainer :-)

The end of Big Brother. Over the past ten years, I'vehad a very love-hate relationship with Big Brother. It's had it's brilliant times,and it's had it's bad, and even though I think that the show is definitely past it's best, I am really going to miss it. This really is the end of an era, because for the past ten years, all through my GCSEs, A Levels, Degree etc Big Brother has been the centre of my summer. It sounds sad, but I dunno what I'm gonna do next summer haha...

"Geek Chic" Glasses. The irritating thing about this fashion for "geek" glasses, is that you just know that a large amount of the fashionable people that wear them (albeit not all of them), first of all generally don't even need glasses, and secondly, probably bullied or at least teased kids for wearing similar things, during their school days. It's funny how something can become cool once a "fashionable" person starts wearing it. In a way it shows how superficial a lot of people are.

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  1. I've just bought those boots!! They're fab aren't they? I might write a post about them later. :) x


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