Monday, 13 September 2010

Eye Roll-On Review and Comparison

Garnier Eye Roll-on and Body Shop Vitamin C Eye Reviver
I've been trying out both of these for the past two weeks, using the Garnier one first thing in the morning, and the Body Shop one before bed. My main hopes for both of them were:

  • Tackling dark circles
  • Tackling fine lines beneath eyes
  • Reduce dry and sore eyes
  • Refresh eyes, especially in the morning, reducing tiredness
  • Brightening eyes up

General Results: Ultimately, I still have fine lines, but although they are still visible, my dark circles are a little less obvious.

Garnier: I love the curvy design, which is chunky and makes it easy to grip. The colour fits in with the Garnier skin care range.

Body Shop: The packaging was a little bland, and I wasn't really keen of the colour. I did however, like the fact that it was double-ended, which made it feel more value for money.
Image via WikipediaI definitely preferred Garnier's packaging, in both style and colour.


Garnier: The roller ball was a good size, and applied easily. It was really cooling, and made my eyes feel quite refreshed and alert. Perfect for first thing in the morning.

Body Shop: This one comes with two applicators. The roll-on, which is ultimately a smaller version of Garnier's, and this is it's downside. The smaller ball made it less refreshing, and most times, I wasn't convinced that any product was coming out. Well, except for one time when I managed to get product in my eye, and despite rinsing it with cool, clean water, it took a long time for the stinging to calm down. I also found that because the ball was so much smaller, it felt like it was pulling at my skin in a rough, and potentially damaging way, that left my skin feeling a little sore.

The under-eye wand was a little more successful, and did feel quite moisturising.


Officially, both Garnier and Body Shop's eye roll-ons are priced at roughly £10, and it is debatable which one is most cost-effective at this price, because whilst the Body Shop one has two products in one, they're both relatively small, whilst the Garnier roll-on is just a single product at twice the size of the Body Shop roll-on (if that makes sense!)

Despite that, shopping aroundrecently, I've actually found Superdrug and Wilkinson's have been selling the Garnier Eye roll-on for half price!

Price aside, Garnier was always going to win this with me. It was a huge amount more refreshing and didn't pull at my delicate under-eye skin the way the Body Shop one did. I'm not overly bothered that I still have dark circles, because dry and tired eyes were a bigger issue for me.

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