Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Ultimate Eyeliner: Rimmel

Afternoon Eyeliner Lovers,

It's Day Two of my challenge to find the Ultimate Eyeliner, and today I'm trying to find the best eyeliner (out of the ones that I own) by Rimmel. To keep it fair, I'll be doing the same tests as yesterday, in order to find:

The First Test: Initial Smudging

When we apply eyeliners we usually have two things in mind:

a. Prominent look that makes our eyes really stand out, or
b. Smokey statement look.

So, this first test challenges each eyeliners ability to create the perfect smokey look; meaning that where the liner is initially placed stays prominent, whilst the surrounding area has a lovely smokey effect.

  • 081. Loveable Lilac didn't really smudge, more faded into oblivion, with the colour disappearing almost completely.
  • 031. Jungle Green was very smudgey, the main area of colour was still prominent although quite faded
  • 011. Sable Brown doesn't smudge, but fades instead, despite the fading the colour is still prominent.
Verdict: The Lilac and Brown both faded more than smudged, with the Lilac fading the most. The Green smudged, but I wasn't quite convinced that the colour at the area where the liner was initially drawn was prominent enough to create that great of a smokey-eyed look. However, the Green still performed the best overall, so I declare it the winner of this round.

The Second Test: One Hour Later...

For me, another important factor for eyeliner is knowing that it isn't going to have smudged everywhere within an hour of applying it. So many eyeliners leave me with smudginess especially under my eyes, which I find really irritating, so I'm going to leave the colours for an hour, before rubbing them for smudging. From yesterday's expermiment, I came to the conclusion that the swatches should be tested for longer than an hour, therefore exactly as with yesterday, I'll be rubbing the swatches periodically, before washing my hands to simulate moisture from the eye.

Result: I was actually really disappointed with how poorly each of the Rimmel shades performed. All three are very, very faded, with the Lilac being pretty much gone at the end of the experiment, other than a mark that you'd really never guess it was originally lilac! The Brown and Green are still there, and you can tell what colour they are.

Verdict: The Brown and the Green are the joint winners, although neither should be proud, because they certainly didn't hold as well as I'd like for an eyeliner.

The Ultimate Rimmel Eyeliner: Begrudgingly, I declare the Jungle Green, as the Ultimate Rimmel Eyeliner, not because it performed particularly well, but it wiped the floor with the Lilac, and since it was the only liner to (just about) pass the smokey-eyed look test, I have to place it just ahead of the also rubbish Brown.

Tomorrow: It's Barry M's turn, as I continue in my challenge to find the Ultimate Eyeliner! 

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