Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ultimate Eyeliner: Barry M

Hey Eyeliner lovers, and welcome to Day Three of:

As promised, I'm going to be swatching and testing eyeliners from Barry M. I don't really have that many pencil eyeliners from Barry M, as I tend to favour their liquid liners, but I still wanted to include these in the challenge. I'd also like to point out, that the black and blue liners are part of a Limited Edition Duo Pencil liner that I own, which is why they are bothered numbered: 4.

The First Test: Initial Smudging

When we apply eyeliners we usually have two things in mind:

a. Prominent look that makes our eyes really stand out, or
b. Smokey statement look.

So, this first test challenges each eyeliners ability to create the perfect smokey look; meaning that where the liner is initially placed stays prominent, whilst the surrounding area has a lovely smokey effect.

  • 4. Black smudges into a really nice smokey-like way, with the black fading but not too much.
  • 4. Blue took a little effort, but did smudge nicely, with the blue fading in a similar way to the black. 
  • 23. Pink was a little harder to smudge, but did eventually, and looked quite nice, although I felt that the pink faded a little too much
  • 10. Gold smudged completely, leaving no sign of where it was initially placed, although smudged doesn't sound quite right...but it didn't really fade, it more dispersed, I guess than anything. I don't think that I've known a liner do that before!

Verdict: The Gold is definitely not suitable for a smokey look, and the Pink faded quite a lot. Therefore, I declare the black and blue joint winners...kind of ironic!

The Second Test: One Hour Later...

For me, another important factor for eyeliner is knowing that it isn't going to have smudged everywhere within an hour of applying it. So many eyeliners leave me with smudginess especially under my eyes, which I find really irritating, so I'm going to leave the colours for an hour, before rubbing them for smudging. From yesterday's expermiment, I came to the conclusion that the swatches should be tested for longer than an hour, therefore exactly as with yesterday, I'll be rubbing the swatches periodically, before washing my hands to simulate moisture from the eye.

Result: Unsurprisingly, the Gold didn't take long to fade at all, and barely two hours into the test, it had completely gone, barely surviving the "Washing Hands" part of the test.

The Pink, Blue and Black all fought a tougher competition, which I was surprised about, because all three of them lasted quite a long time, each gradually fading, but none really disappearing. This inevitably forced me to keep pushing to see which one stayed put the longest, and let me tell you, the three of them did not want to budge, no matter how much blood, sweat, tears and spit went onto them (not all of those literally of course!)

Verdict: The back of my hand is feeling a bit raw from all the scrubbing, but the Blue was the first to really start fading, so it become a two-horse race, of which the Black (only just) won, being a little more vivid inthe end to the Pink

The Ultimate Barry M Eyeliner: Black

Tomorrow: It's Bourjois' turn, as I continue in my challenge to find the Ultimate Eyeliner! 

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