Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunday Tips: Hair Dye Removal

There is nothing more annoying than dying your hair your favourite shade, than washing it out only to discover that you have dye stains all around your hairline, nape of the neck and ears (or even your shoulders if you have long hair).

A lot of the main hair dye companies will try to sell you their Dye Removal wipes at extortionate prices, that, quite frankly, in my opinion, are a load of rubbish. Instead, here are a few tips that I use myself:

  • Try to cover as much skin as you can especially around the shoulders, with a towel or an old shirt. This seems obvious, but I've known people use old vest-tops without thinking about their shoulders.
  • Before applying any hair dye, slap moisturiser onto any areas that your hair touches - this includes forehead, ears, and the neck. Just use a cheap brand of moisturiser, and the moisture will make it a great deal easier to remove any stray dye stains.
  • I recently stopped using a cheap brand of Eye Make Up Remover (because it was rubbish), and notwanting to waste it, I used it for this exact purpose, because it had a similar consistency to moisturiser. This probably won't work so well with watery removers, however lotion type ones work perfectly.
How do you get hair dye off your skin? Share your ideas below :-)

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  1. Sadly smoke ash work. Believe me :)A piece of cotton make it little bit wet. And then press the ash then rub the area. It will come off. :)


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