Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday Tips: Instant Va-Va-Voom

As someone with really fine hair, that very rarely has any volume, I know how frustrating it is to get that little bit of extra volume. Sure, having layers is a good idea, or even using the right, light-weight shampoo, but when those things aren't an option, what can you do?

Here are a few tips, that will give your limp locks a real boost of va-va-voom, without the need for anything other than things that you'll more than likely already have in our Beauty Cabinet!!

  •  Blow dry your hair upside down, making sure to really ruffle up your hair as your drying, aiming the air mainly at the roots.
  • Straighten your hair upside down. This sounds bizarre, but this genuinely works. You might have to straighten the underneath sections afterwards but thie can get you excellent volume.
  • Again upside down, cover your hair in hairspray and throw your head back. Your hair will look awful and messy, but don't worry. Let the hairspray dry, before combing it out preferably with your fingers, then apply a lighter coating of spray to help your volume say fuller.
  • If this still isn't enough volume, you could also try back-coming/teasing your hair, however, this can be incredibly damaging, especially on thin hair that is already potentially very weak.
Good luck at getting that va-va-voomed hair that you so desperately want!

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  1. Love this Kat! My hair definitely needs some volume every now and again so will have to give these tips a try!

  2. Hi Lindsay, I know the feeling!! Let us know how you get on with your volume :)


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