Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday Tips: How NOT to get Volume

Man, I can't believe that I nearly forgot to do a Sunday Tip today. Meow! Bad Cat! Bad Cat! (Hehe, leave a comment if you know what I'm referring to ;)) But, here it is anyway!

As you might just guess from this blog's title, this is the sequel to last weeks tip, which was about giving your hair instant volume. But, today's is a little more of a what not to do if you want volume, and was actually inspired by a You Tube video (that fortunately for the creator, I can not remember who did it), where the girl was giving apparent "tips" on how to get volume if you have fine and lifeless hair.

She showed you to do this, by putting so many products in her hair, (and I mean absolutely root boosters, hair mousse, hair spray etc), that would allegedly give you all this volume....hmmm....

All I have to say is....if you have fine hair, DO NOT load your hair up with products, especially if you're hair is relatively long (shoulder-length or longer), because this will do nothing for your hair, other than making it really heavy, resulting in...yep, you guessed it limp, lifeless, in other words you just basically wasted your time, not to mention money that you spent actually buying the products.

Don't believe me? Take a look at a strand of your hair, and you'll notice how incredibly fine each one is, especially compared to someone with thicker hair. The fineness means that a lot of products, especially heavy mousses, will weigh it down which inevitably causes that lifelessness that irritates so many of us.

Instead, make sure that any products (especially shampoos) that you use are light-weight, so that your hair isn't bogged down at the roots. As a result your hair willbe full of bounce!

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