Saturday, 21 August 2010

Rimmel 3 Looks Mascara Review

Rimmel mascara and Me: I am an enormous fan of Rimmel's mascara. I sometimes detour to other brands, but I always seem to head back to Rimmel eventually, usually more specifically towards their Sexy Curves mascara, which I love because it never ever clumps and always looks fab. But, I've tried several in the past, so I was really excited about trying this one out!

Packaging: I'm not really one to get all clucky about mascara packaging, but I really love the packaging for one, because it is so cute and chunky, whereas other mascara's tend to be taller and slimline. I think that it has real appeal purely because it looks different to normal ones.

The Three Settings: As the name suggests, the mascara comes with three settings,which you navigate through by twisting the two part of the bottle. It's automatically set to 3 which is for "bigger" looks, I'm assuming because you get more liquid on the wand, whilst 1 has less product for more subtle looks.And, of course, setting 2 is supposed to be a little in the middle.

I have to admit that I have never used this on the middle (second) setting, because there is such little difference between the other two settings, that it just seems a bit pointless. This is when I really wish I had a camera (ordered in time for Christmas, woo!) so that I could really demonstrate, and see for myself, if there really is a difference between the three settings or not.

The Actual Mascara: On the whole, the mascara was brilliant, just like Sexy Curves I didn't get any clumping on the first setting, although it did clump a little on the number 3. Both settings that I've used made my lashes look long and really wide-eyed, which is always impressive.

Smaller Bottle and Wand: My initial reaction to the bottle being shorter than other mascaras made me think "huh, does that mean it won't last very long", but you have to remember that whilst it's shorter, it's still fatter which makes up for it.

I love the smaller wand, because it is much easier to handle for someone (meaning me) with terrible hand-eye coordination, and I didn't find myself dotting my nose with the end of the wand!

Overall: It's a cute little mascara, that doesn't clump (too much) and loves great, even if there isn't that much difference between the settings!

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