Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Product Haul

 I went to Louth with my mum and boyfriend today, and quite unexpectedly I came home with another mini haul, this time of clothes rather than beauty products.

Anyone who has been reading my blog will know that I don't do heels, so I am an enormous fan of pumps/flats. I love the one that are entirely fabris across the upper part of the shoe, however last year and the year before that, I had a gorgeous pair from George at Asda, that had rubber toes and soles, which I loved because the sole's are higher quality than the fabric ones, and for me they're just comfier. So, you can imagine how gutted I was when a hole appeared in the sole after wearing them for two summers. And despite searching for a decent pair, I settled for another pair of fabric based ones from Ebay (originally Next) for this summer.

Now imagine the type of place that you might imagine getting a pair of pumps from...I sure as hell don't think you'd comeup withthe camping specialist "Millets" would you?  Well, I wouldn't anyway. So, imagine my disbelief at finding a pair of Peter Storm (yes, Peter Storm...I never would have guessed it) pumps in the sale in Millets...costing? Get this, £5!! Absolute bargain. I didn't even know that Peter Storm did pumps, my winter walking boots are Peter Storm, so very surprised by that!! Anyway, you can see them (kind of) in the really teeny picture, but they're purple, blue and white with really thick, comfortable soles. They look like they'll last longer than my George ones...well, youd hope so from a good brand of walking products!!

I know that summer is almost over (on the 17th of August that sounds so depressing), but I couldn't resist these denim shorts from New Look. Perfect for my holiday in a couple of weeks (whoop!) The only issue I have with them, is the fact that the button is this enormous flower that is too big and weird shaped to fit easily through the hole...yeeeeah, because that's not going to get annoying what-so-ever!!!!

But, for £6 can I really complain? Not really, but I still will anyway. And other than that they're really comfy and perfect because although I have cropped trousers, I don't actually have any shorts.

Whilst I was in New Look (I am so loving my recent discovery of New Look's Inspire range for us larger, but fashion-conscious ladies...so much nicer on me and my pocket than the overpriced, frumpy CRAP that Evans try and sell me!!!) I ogled a skirt that I tried on when I bought the dress that I wore last Friday night. It's so lovely, and I know that it would love really great with my new leggings (which actually were from Evans...wow!!)

 It's kinda strange though, because I'm not really a skirt person, especially not short ones. But, it is such arelief to be out of wearing jeans all the time...I guess that's just what I get for being Freelance and not having to wear office clothes every day!!

In other news, my Betty Hula samples arrived yesterday, which I'm really excited about blogging about! I got a Shea Butter Moisturising Cream and Anti-Ageing Oil (my mum got quite excited about that!!) so, expect a blog reviewing those tomorrow!!

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