Friday, 20 August 2010

I'm a Plus Size....I'm not Eighty

I've always been what you'd consider a larger girl, certainly curvier than all my school friends anyway. Admittedly, the size I am right now, is mainly my own fault, but even if I crash dieted I'm never going to be a super slim super model type of girl. And you know what? I am quite happy with that, because being slim, well, that just isn't what nature intended for me. And losing some weight is a completely different issue, so I'm not even going to mention that again in this particular blog.

To be fair, I've never really been what you'd consider a fashion-minded person, as in I've never followed trends specifically. I'm more into wearing what I like and what suits me. Unfortunately, as I've gotten larger, the shops that I can shop in has gotten more "exclusive", if that's the word to use. But, I've begun to realise that a lack of shops isn't really my issue, as more shops are increasing the sizes that they offer, and the wonder of online shopping is just immense. Instead, it is the actual clothes that they provide.

My annoyance brought out this blog, a mini rant, I guess, about how shops are just getting it wrong. Plus size retailers please take note!!
  • First point shops: I am fat, I am not eighty! So many shops seem to think that because I am fat, I want to hide it behind huge cardigans, which is just ridiculous! Do you know how much fatter cardigans make curvy girls look?  This is definitely something that plus-size specialists Evans is guilty of. About 95% of what they sell is just so frumpy, and unflattering that they'd haveyou looking like an even bigger sack of potatoes.
  • Why is it that shops seem to think that everyone who is fat has huge BOOBS. I don't even want big boobs, but for some reason because I' fat, I obviously must have them! Well, I don't! So,  some low-cut tops are just way too baggy around the cleavage, or they're too low because my boobs just don't fill them, as I think I'm expected to.
  • I am one of those unlucky sods of whom is unfortunate to have a long torso, and short legs, which means that regular length trousers are just too long for me, so I do better wearing short or petite trousers and jeans. However, most ranges don't do short-length in plus sizes, and petite ranges very rarely go higher than a size 14 either. 
  • Did you know that the majority of shops (on and offline) that offer plus sizes do not sell Maternity clothing for anything above a Size 16? I know it's not necessarily healthy to be pregnant if you're carrying excess weight, but that is not the point! As a plus sized girl, it makes me worry that if I should get pregnant anytime soon, I'd have to stay at home because my bump wouldnt fit into anything worthy enough to step out of the door, which is just disgusting. The only store I found selling plus size maternity clothes for above a Size 16, was Next, but unfortunately that is only available online and is incredibly limited.
  • My last gripe with plus size shopping is do shops realise how demeaning it is to be served in a plus-size shop (take note Evans) by a size 8 Sales Assistant? Surely, the Sales Assistants job is to promote the brand, but how can they promote it when they don't fit into the clothes that they are selling? You don't see Size 20 women working in Top Shop or Bay Trading, because they wouldn't squeeze into the clothes, so why should it be any different the other way around? It just makes so sense what-so-ever!
Where should larger girls be shopping? 

If you're a larger girl who still wants to look good at affordable prices, you should check out New Look's Inspire range, which has a great range of fashionable outfits that look incredible, and aren't overpriced tat.

Asos' Curve range also has a lot of larger sizes on offer that are the same as many items available in smaller sizes, plus postage is free. However, make sure that you order the right size using their Size Guides.

Dorothy Perkins offers great clothes upto a Size 22, which again are the same ranges as the smaller sizes.

Remember: You might be fat, but that does not mean that you don't deserve to feel good.
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    1. Have you tried Yours Clothing? They're pretty brilliant for the most part! And they're usually a lot cheaper than Evans, and a lot more fashionable! If you don't have a store near you, you can order online at - they currently have 20% off (and I've got a £2 e-voucher if you want it) xx

    2. Thanks Kim, I had a look and there isn't a Yours store near me (boo!) but there's one in Lincoln so I go have a look around next time I'm there. I did have a gander at their website, and they look loads better than Evans!

      Ironically, since writing this I've seen two adverts for Plus-Size websites, but like Evans they were so expensive!!

    3. The store in Lincoln is pretty good :) It's a couple doors down from Debenhams. They have such good bargains, and also they get a lot of ex high street store stock in (the larger sizes anyway). In fact I found that they were selling maxi dresses which I'd seen in Debenhams (the AX Paris range) and in New Look. Interesting! xx

    4. Oh man...I need to get to Lincoln!! Damn going on holiday in two weeks and being skint!! Haha :)


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