Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Hottie and the Nottie: August

Well, August is here already, so it's that time again to see what I am loving and hating this month.


Floral Hair Grips:  I love wearing a floral hair grip to keep a twisted part of my hair out of my face, essentially because I just think that it looks really cute and quite hippy-like. I think what I like so much about the clips, is that I can wear them with my hair loose, which reminds me of being a kid and care-free, but then I can tie my hair up into a messy pony tail or bun, and it still looks cute, but in a slightly more sophisticated kinda way.

They also look a lot more interesting in my hair than most boring hair slides/grips/clips. I'm definitely not looking forward to when summer ends, and the hair clips will be replaced by warm hats!!

Pumps: Being someone who does not wear heels, pumps are one of those trends that I am so glad keeps sticking around. They're so comfortable, and practical. I never have to worry about my feet hurting when out-and-about wearing my trusty pumps. Plus, they fit snuggly into a bag so I can take them everywhere with me!!

I never quite understand people whowear them in winter though, because personally, my feet would absolutely freeze, and they're not really practical in the rain. So, yet another thank you that it's summer!!

Pack Up by Eliza Doolittle: I think I must be getting old, because I'm finding myself liking so few songs that are actually in the Singles Charts these days. However, every so often, a song comes along that squishes itself into my brain, and generally stays there for a good few months. Kylie Minogue's "All the Lovers" has been one such song, but nothing gets my two tapping and head rocking asmuch as Eliza Doolittle's "Pack Up".

Whilst I do think that Eliza has an incredible voice,  it's the backing song, taken from the 1915 First World War Marching song: "Pack up your Troubles in your Old Kit Bag" that has the real appeal in this song. And I love it. It's so nice to see really old stuff re-vamped!!


Short Shorts with Black Tights: I know that a lot of girls don't necessarily have the body confidence to wear shorts with bare legs,and I totally get that, but I really do not get the current trend of wearing denim short with black tights. I don't know about anyone else, but if I wear tights in hot weather, my legs itch and it's really uncomfortable, but wearing tights in summer isn't really my objective. It's more the combination of shorts with tights that is bizarre to me.

Vampires: They are EVERYWHERE. If it's not Twilight hogging shelf-space in Waterstones, it's some other teen Vampire saga. If it isn't Eclipse that has girls wetting their knickers over at the Cinema, it's the Vampire's Assistant. If it isn't True Blood on TV, it's the Vampire Diaries. It is just impossible to get away from, and it drives me bananas!!

The most ludicrous thing is that grown women with teenage kids drool over Edward Cullen almost as much as the teenage audience....that isjust CREEPY!! Seriously, he's young enough to be their son! Sure, he's good-looking, but he's nothing special, and his acting skills...well, let's just say I've seen dogs act better!

Topless Men: For this one, I decided not to include a photo...because, I'm pretty certain most people don't need reminding!

It's like as soon as the sun comes out men's shirts come off, but why is it never the good-looking blokes? It's either the really pale, skinny chavvy ones that look like they need a good meal, and  to stop abusing drugs!! Or they're the size of a house...Urgh! Just thinking about it makes me shudder! Personally, my only solace is in the fact that my sunglasses are not prescription, so when I'm wearing them, I can't see the Moobs wobbling about everywhere!

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