Monday, 2 August 2010

Gentle Shampoo Review: Part One

For me, the most annoying part of having fine hair, is the fact that so few hair care products appear to be suited to the hair type. Which is completely bizarre when you consider that these days there are products aimed at every single hair type going.

Personally, I always feel drawn to shampoos that "cleanse" or are aimed at Greasy hair types (I do also have greasy hair), and the more obvious ones that are designed to give volume. But, for start, I'm permanently sceptical of how good Volumising products are, and secondly, all of those products seem to do nothing for my hair other than bog it down with what I can only describe as "crap". And of course, bogged down hair is heavy, and thus results in flat, limp andcompletely lifeless hair that could easily be flatlining right now, and you'd never know!!

When I was at Uni, I mentioned my problem to the friend of one of my housemates, who strongly recommended that I give Simple's Gentle Shampoo a try, of which I did (more on that in a second!). So, I decided that I'd do a mini series of "Gentle" shampoo reviews, to see a. if any of them actually work and b. which one is the best!

Inevitably, I decided to start with Simple's Gentle Shampoo:

Where to Purchase: Actually buying this shampoo is more difficult than you might think. The Simple website states that Simple products are sold through Boots and Sainsbury's, but it is for individual stores to decide what items they stock. When it comes to the facial wipes and eye make up remover, I'm usually okay, but shampoo is another issue entirely.  Somtimes I can find it, and others I can't. And sometimes I can find the shampoo, but they don't sell the Conditioner!

The only consistent thing about Simple Shampoo, is the bottles always seem to be dirty! I don't know if that's just me, but it certainly seems a bit strange!

Pricing: Although I did initially try this shampoo around six years ago, I've only just bought it again, as to be fair, the product is quite expensive, especially when you consider that it is £2.99 for a 200ml bottle,whilst you can pay £3.99 for a 500ml (over double the size) bottle of Pantene!

What the Bottle Professes: As with all Simple products, the shampoo states that it has "No Perfume. No Colour". And, I can certainly vouch for that. The shampoo does have a slight indescript smell to it, unlike most others that can be quite overwhelming, and the liquid is indeed without real colour.

I'm always interested when products state things like: "Active ingredients: Pro-Vitamin B5 and Chamomile Oil", however, when you look in the ingredients list, there's no sign of them as actually ingredients. Is that because they are referred to using their Scientific names? Are they part of another ingredient? I never know, and I wish they'd  just tell us, because wording is nice, but sometimes I just want a little fact to back it up! The Average Joe does not want to have to research every single ingredient in every single product!!

Using: On using the shampoo, it did genuinely feel lighter in texture not only in my hand, when it was like a thickened water, but also in my hair. It was definitely very nice not to be gassed out by the overpowering smell of perfume!

Afterwards: My hair certainly feels better after using it, however, I feel that I cheated my hair, by then using a heavier conditioner on it, which will have just bogged it down again, but when the shop only stocks the shampoo, what are you supposed to do?

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