Thursday, 19 August 2010

First Impression: Betty Hula Samples

A couple of days ago, I received samples of a couple of things from new company Betty Hula (hence the badge above), so my mum, boyfriend and I have been deliberating our first impressions of both the products I received which were:

Betty Hula Kiwi and Lime Shea Butter Moisturising Cream
Betty Hula The Secret Anti-Ageing Oil

Obviously, I can't comment on things such as packaging, as these are samples, so I don't have full tubs/bottles to mention.

Kiwi and Lime Shea Butter

This has a really strong smell that smells quite natural to me. I like this, because you often find with products that purport to be natural, smell like the chemicals that are used to disguise the natural smell of an ingredient, which does them absolutely no favours. The cream is very smooth, whipped, and is similar is texture to Nivea's potted moisturisers. I really like the aroma that wafts around when you're rubbing it into your skin. But,the weird thing is that it smells completely different when on the skin, to when it was in the pot.

Betty Hula The Secret Anti-Ageing Oil

In the bottle, I couldn't really smell that much, but rubbed into the back of my hand it smelt quite nice, and again not at all chemically. I was curious, however, as to where exactly you are supposed to use the oil; is it for the face? Entire body? Not sure. But my mum and I were both quite impressed with how non-greasy the oil was, which does make a change.

I can't really comment on whether or not either product works, because Ive only hadthemfor a couple of days, but they certainly smell delicious. My only issue was the fact that both samples stated that full ingredients lists could be found on the website, but there wasn't, so I can't really comment at this point as to how natural the products are.

Would I buy them? I hate to be harsh, but no. BUT, only because the Moisturising Cream only comes in a huge container that is priced at £17.99, whilst the Oil is £19.99. I just think that for a lot of people that is incredibly expensive. Personally, I feel that it would be of a greater benefit for a new company to offer smaller jars/bottles of products at first to build up buyer confidence, and allow people the chance to maybe work up to the larger sized products once they have decided for themselves that a product works for them.

I also can't help thinking that the lack of ingredients information on their website insinuates that they have something to hide. I mean, the information given for the Oil states:
"Secret ingredients to help roll back those years." (correct at time of writing 19th Aug 2010)
Unfortunately, in a time when consumers aren't as daft as some companies still seem to think we are, and have wisened up to ingredients in beauty products, it is very naive to think that saying "secret ingredient" and thinking that we'll be kept happy with that, because we won't. We want to know EXACTLY what is in our products, and what we are putting on our skin.

However, I think that if they're more open with offering their Ingredients Lists (without bloggers having to approach them for the information), and if they offer more options in size and actual products, I do honestly think that they have huge amounts of potential, because they smell divine.

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  1. Hi Kat,
    Its Alistair from Betty Hula here, thanks for your blog about our products. Just to put your and your readers minds at rest, our ingredients list is going on the website, unfortunately we have had one or two little niggles so adding the ingredients pop up box has been slow to be added.
    We will defo look at smaller jars.

    Happy moisturising


  2. Hi Alistair,

    Thanks very much for commenting! It's nice to know that companies listen to what we have to say :)

    But anyway, I definitely think smaller jars would be a great idea, and personally I think you'd sell more, but that's just me :)

    Oh, and if I didn't say it enough in my blog, everyone the moisturiser smells incredible!!


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