Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Nivea Caregloss & Shine Review

Lip Gloss and Me: To be honest, I’m not really a fan of lip gloss. In fact, I really, really, REALLY hate them. The problem with most lip glosses I’ve ever owned has been that they just feel really “icky” on my lips, which in turn makes them feel heavy and n turn irritates me, and I end up wiping the stuff off my lips in sheer annoyance.

I received three free lip glosses with my recent purchase from ELF, and I have to brutally honest that I’m really glad that I didn’t pay for them, because they did nothing but boost my hatred for lip glosses. They were sticky, heavy, messy and had a weird plastic taste to them. I’m sure other people really love them, but they’re not for me.

That said, I’m not really a lipstick girl either, but I’ll wear one if needs must. Instead, I prefer lip balms especially Anita Grant’s Lippy Puckers and Lush’s Honey-based one, which I typically cannot remember the name of.

Nivea and Me: I don’t remember a time when I didn’t use Nivea. When I was a kid, there was always a huge blue tub of their moisturising cream in my mum and dad’s room, or a smaller-sized blue tin lying around somewhere. Up until I left home, I cannot remember using anything other than Nivea.

As a full-fledged grown up (theoretically), it’s amazing how much Nivea stuff I still purchase. The big blue pot has morphed into a big white pot (alongside the matching baby-sized one…Oooh, how cute!!), my two hand creams are both Nivea, one of my sun creams is Nivea, my Firming Lotion is Nivea and my Anti-Aging Day and Night Creams are both Nivea!

Before I discovered the powers of Lush, I also swore by Nivea Lip balms, but I haven’t really bought one in years!

Nivea and Lip Gloss? So, noting my hatred for Lip Gloss, and my family-bred love for Nivea, Iwas really intrigued by this Nivea Caregloss & Shine, that came in a set of Nivea products that my mum bought in a Charity Shop last week.

At first I wasn’t really that keen on, because like most other lip glosses it felt sticky and heavy. However, after rubbing it in, it actually comes across as being quite moisturising, which I have to say I’m quite chuffed about, because I’ve tried a couple of lip glosses that have ended up drying my lips out. It’s really nice to have found something that not only has gorgeous moisturising qualities, but a little colour to it as well!

Of course, it’s not going to be that good to use when I have chapped lips when winter rolls around, but during the summer when I like to wear something to stop them drying our and/or burning in the summer sun, I personally think that these are great.

As I said, I got these from a Gift Set, but you can get them sold separately from the typical shops, such as Superdrug, Boots, ASDA, Morrison’s, Savers etc.

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