Sunday, 18 July 2010

Barry M Block Orange Nail Paint Review

I've been craving an Orange nail polish for quite some time now, well, since I got my collection of Konad image plates, including the one with an orange on it anyway. The plan had basically been to stamp the orange in white special polish over a bright orange background. But, I'd never been able to find an orange I liked and I hadn't really been looking that hard!

Fast forward to last week, and I had myself a £10 Boots voucher, so I thought I'd treat myself (everything else I bought was boring essentials for the other half and myself!) to some Barry M nail paint and Block Orange is the one that I chose.

Orange is one of those colours that is bright and bold no matter which shade you buy. A subtle shade of orange just doesn't exist, so I have to admit that I was a little sceptical about how the colour was going to look. And, I desperately hoped it wasn't going to look like the hideously bright shades I wore when I was thirteen (primarily bought from Boyes...not exactly the best place to buy nail polishes!!).

Since setting up this blog a few months back, I've found myself venturing across a huge amount of blogs, and since Barry M was the brand that started this whole expedition (alongside Lauren Luke), I often enjoy reading people's reviews of Barry M products. But, one thing that baffles me is that the general "feeling" amongst American users of the Nail Paints, is the fact that they think that the bottles are "tacky" and "old-fashioned" and I don't really get that! To be fair, I've never really paid that much attention to the bottles, but I guess all I could really say is that they are most definitely different to other companies, opting for more squared bottles than most, and the bottles feel bigger for it (Barry M bottles are 10ml, most other brands such as Rimmel, Nails Inc etc are 8ml and Miss Sporty is a mere 7ml). As for the "dated gold writing", I find it classic simple and arty-looking personally.

Overall, the colour was a lot brighter than I'd expected, kind of like the colour of the cones you get on the roads during Road Works, and it took me a long time to decide whether I like wearing orange or not. With regards to the oranges, I managed to stamp them on my thumbs, and for some reason it didn't feel right to me, so I ended up doing a different fruit on each nail instead (strawberries, melons, apples etc).Was this any better? Honestly? No.

In the end I came to the conclusion that I prefer the colour by itself without any nail art, so I guess I like the colour more than I was expecting too. It's definitely really great to have such a bright, bold and cheerful colour for this time of year!

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