Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Avon Sun Quick Dry Clear Spray SPF20

Sun Sprays and me: I am a huge fan of Sun Sprays, and think that they are so much more practical than Sun Creams/Lotions, especially when you're on the go (I also imagine that they're ideal for parents, because spraying is so much less hassle then having to pin kids down and wipe lotions into the skin!) So, when my mum asked me to review her Avon Sun Spray, I was really keen to give it a try.

Avon and me: To be honest, I haven't really used much Avon stuff throughout my life,and I think I'm of that generation when Avon wasn't really around that much. The last time I had someone deliver an Avon Catalogue through my door I was about six, and I feel like I've just missed out on this online boom for Avon, mainly because the teenage me really thought Avon was "uncool" (because Avon really was uncool when I was a teenager!), and I struggle to get myself out of that line-of-thought.

During a recent clear out, I did actually find the one thing that I've ever bought from Avon: A Lilac Eye Shadow! But, I think that was about eleven years old (my friend was an "Avon Girl" in Year 11 at School!), so I took it upon myself to throw it away!

Initial Thoughts: My first actual thought was "ah, only SPF20"...which is a little low for my liking, but for this review I'll just have to ignore that, because it's not really a huge issue!

My second thought was actually a little more serious, and that was my slight annoyance at the lack of English anyway. On the pull-up sticker I found instructions in several languages, none of which I am fluent and the only thing that I could decipher was "15-20 minut" in what I believe to be Polish! 15-20 minutes what? I could guess that it's telling me to re-spray every 15 to 20 minutes, but let's be honest here, I shouldn't have to guess!

I know the product is "Made in Poland", but it's made for Avon Cosmetics in England, which suggests it's purpose is to be despatched in England, so surely having English instructions goes without saying. It's even more silly when you notice that they've managed to get the details on the sticker on the front in English!

Using the Product: On spraying my arms, I was instantly hit by the incredibly strong smell of Alcohol, which in a product that is supposed to protect from the sun, I'd have thought (in my non-professional experience) was a bad ingredient to include, but expectedly it was first on the list of ingredients.

Although I didn't try this myself, as I was wearing SPF-rich facial moisturiser and make up, my boyfriend sprayed his face with the product (as his face is always the first place to catch the sun) and his face instantly began stinging, I imagine as a result of the alcohol content. This led me to question whether this product is suitable for the face, but without English instructions or access to a Translation, how would we ever know?

Are there any Good Points? I did , actually really like the fact that the spray is transparent, because this meant that I didn't feel paranoid that I hadn't rubbed it in properly, and I knew it hadn't left white marks on my clothing.

It also doesn't feel as greasy or sticky on my skin as I had initially expected.

So, would I buy it again? No. Well, only if they gave me instructions in a language I understand, and toned down the Alcohol content, but if that's all I want, there are plenty of other brands that already offer that!

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