Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Urban Decay Preen Box Review

I've been meaning to write this particular review for absolutely ages, but every time I sit down to do it, something always seems to get in the way, which is really annoying, because I have another Urban Decay palette to review, but I'm determined to do this one first! Well, I've only had it since last October!
This Palette and Me: I bought this palette on a Hull to Rotterdam P&O Ferry, where I got it it from the "Duty Free" Shop (apparently it'snot actually called "Duty Free" anymore -who knew?!). I bought it because I was looking to buy a new Zero 24/7 eyeliner, since mine was dwindling, and this one can with one, so I thought I'd give it a try. On first glance, the colours looked fantastic, so I was really exciting about getting this palette.
Packaging: The packaging of this palette is so cute. I love the peacock design,and think that it's so eye-catching. No one could fail to be drawn in by the simple colours and design. The actual peacock is like a foil kind of material, that's really shiny (ooh!)
The design of the actual palette is simple and it comes with a handy little mirror, always good for applying make up! Plus, it'snot one of those flimsy "Crazy House" mirrors that contorts with every movement!
What Colours come in the Palette? There are six pretty colours, some of which are quite bright, whilst others are quite neutral. At first glance, it's easy to think that some of the shades just aren't going to look good together, but experimenting proves that it is possible!
The shades are:
  • Snatch, which is a peachy/pinky shade, with gold glitter in it, it's a very sparkly but subtle colour. My only issue with this shade is that I always end up with glitter down my cheeks when I wear this...I'm not really a glitter type of girl to-be-honest, so not a fan of that!
  • Mildew, a dark green colour
  • Flash is a lovely purple shade
  • Painkiller is another gorgeous colour, it's a kind of turquoise colour, and ironically compliments Flash perfectly!
  • Smog is a goldy-brown shade that is quite dark and rich
  • Toasted is a lighter golden-brown
Which Shades do I use the Most? I'm a huge fan of bright colour, so I tend to wear Flash all over my lid, with Painkiller swept across my crease quite a lot.I sometimes wear Smog by itself with a little liquid eyeliner too.

What really Bugs me about this Palette? The Urban Decay website claims that some of the shades of unique to this palette, however the palette is far from being completely unique. Since this came out, UD have released the Show Pony Shadow Box which is virtually identical, with exactly the same shades, with the exact same names, and the only thing that is actually different is the artwork on the palette's packaging.

The really annoying thing is that UD's write-up for the Show Pony Palette states: 
"2 [colours are] exclusive to this set: Snatch (peachy-pink with glitter) and Painkiller (turquoise shimmer)"
Which is the exact same write-up as the Preen Box, and evidently the colours are NOT exclusive to either palette! And, what's more, experiments and comparisons have shown that Painkiller is incredibly similar to the Peace shade that features in the Deluxe Shadow Palette!!

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