Sunday, 27 June 2010

OPI Shrek Mini Collection

OPI and Me: Up until a few months ago, I had never even heard of OPI, and up until recently I definitely didn't know that OPI products were available to buy in the UK!

I was initially going to buy this from the Lena White website, because I had a 20% off voucher, but when the price after the reduction has been taken off, and the delivery charge has been added, the price came to more than the original price, which was just ridiculous. I didn't even save enough to cover the delivery, and I already have huge issues with extortionate delivery charges! So, I bought it cheaper, and delivery free, from Ebay.

What Drew me to this Collection? I think what really drew me into this collection, was the fact that none of the shades were pink, brown or red! I already own what I intend to own in those colours, and I never wear the ones I have anyway! I also liked that I didn't own any colours even similar to the ones in the set, and I don't think I've ever owned a green!

What colours are in the Collection? I should first point out that this is a "Mini" Collection, and they really are mini! But, there are four mini's included, all of which are opaque colours:

  • What's with the Cattitude - A pastel blue shade
  • Fiercely Fiona - Write-ups describe this as a light "green", but personally, I think it's more yellow, than green
  • Rumple's Wiggin' - A pastel lilac shade
  • Who the Shrek are You? - This is a green shade, that looks exactly the colour you'd expect Shrek to be
All of the colours are absolutely gorgeous, although Rumple's Wiggin' appears to be my absolute favourite colour, which is no surprise since lilac is my favourite colour!

I love that they're all so bright, thanks to being so opaque, it really adds to a superb overall look, that I've never experienced with any other range of colours.

How I Wear the Colours: I'm really into Konad nail art at the minute, so I just had to pair these up with some pretty design too, but I have two favourite ideas:

I paired Who the Shrek are You?, with a Green Konad Special Polish, and stamped the butterflies from image plate M36 onto each nail. I loved this look so much.

I didn't have a Special Polish to use with Rumple's Wiggin' so I improvised and used Rimmel's Blue My Mind (not recommended, the polish smudged like crazy and the Stamp didn't always pick up the product!) to stamp the hearts from image plate M3. Although a little messy-looking, this looks quite cute!

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