Wednesday, 30 June 2010

NOTD: Madam Butterfly

The photo quality isn't too great, but I've really been getting into Konad nail art, so I wanted to start sharing some of the "styles" that I've been wearing. And, if anything, I hope that the photo at least gives you a rough idea of how my nails look!

Last week, as you'll know, I reviewed my new OPI Shrek Mini Collection, within which came the gorgeous lilac Rumple's Wiggin'. As soon as I saw it I wanted to use a dark purple colour for the design, but the basic set that I own, only came with black, white, green, red and pink. So, I attempted using Rimmel's Blue My Mind, which is an amazing purplely blue colour. But, I really don't recommend trying to stamp using anything other than Konad, and I'm not just saying that to get you to buy Konad (because I know how expensive they are), because I'm not hear to tell what to, and what not to buy.

Reasons other polishes are bad for "stamping":

  1. Normal polishes aren't as thick and gloopy as the special polish
  2. The Stamper doesn't always pick up normal polishes
  3. Normal polishes smudge more easily a. during the stamping process and b. once they're physically on your nails
  4. Normal polishes take longer to dry, giving more time for them to be smudged and means that you have to wait longer before applying a Top Coat.
So, over the weekend I decided to order some more shades of Konad's Special Polish from Amazon, and I love, love, LOVE this look!

What I used:

Name: Rumple's Wiggin'
Colour: A very pale, pastel Lilac
From: OPI
Purchased from: Ebay
Part of: Shrek Mini Collection
Price: I paid £9.99 for the Mini Set. However, it is £9.95 for a full-sized 15ml bottle from the Lena White website.

Name: Royal Purple
Colour: It says Purple, but really it's more like a Navy Blue with a slight hint of purple. But, never mind, it's still a great colour!
From: Konad
Purchased From: Blush Cosmetics through Amazon
Size: Small
Price: £3.99 Small, £4.99 Large, £5.99 Princess

Image Plate: M36
Images: Mainly floral designs, with one pair of butterflies
From: Konad
Purchased from: I received this complimentary from Konad, but only use it because I love it, and gain nothing out of promoting it.
I used: The pair of butterflies on each nail, except the pinkies, for which I only used the smaller of the two butterflies.
Price: £6 from Konad website.

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