Monday, 14 June 2010

Michelle Phan Lip Scrub Review

I've never actually done a review of Michelle Phan's YouTube Channel (I don't think - I know someone will tell me if I'm wrong!), but I'm a huge fan of her home made beauty products, and I've actually tried a couple before. So, when she put up a video showing you how to make a lip scrub, I thought "heck, why not?"
Before viewing this video, I didn't even know that you needed to exfoliate your lips. I mean, I exfoliate my face and my skin, but my lips? That just sounds really, really weird! But, I said that I would give it a try, so I will.
What I used
  • Sugar. One large sachet.
  • Vaseline Michelle used a tube of Vaseline, but I used the kind that comes in a tin.
  • Michelle used Honey, but recommended Olive Oil for people who don't have/like honey. I didn't have either, but I've used Aloe Vera Gel for similar things in the past, so I used that instead.
  • Wilkinson Sword Razor Tub for holding the mixture. As you can see in my brand new Tips page, the tub is perfect for re-using to hold home made mixtures, mainly because it has a good lid!
  • Cotton bud. This was for mixing the mixture together, although Michelle appears to use a stick, this was all I had, since a spoon was far too big.
Putting it Together: To cut a long drawn-out story short, I mixed it all together and applied it onto my lips. It tasted kind of weird, and the thought of accidentally "licking" off dead skin from my lips is really gross, but it wasn't too bad. It didn't really smell of anything, and I question how good the sugar was at exfoliating, since regular sugar just seems to be to fine (in the past I have used Demerara Sugar, instead, because the grains are bigger, but nevermind!)
Afterwards: I wiped the scrub off using a dry, clean towel and my lips felt incredibly strange that's for sure. But, I'm not sure that I'd say the scrub made them feel any softer or silkier. Maybe the problem was the fact that my lips weren't exactly dry to start with, which is what  this scrub is really for!
I actually reapplied the scrub a couple of hours later, and it had a completely different result. Whilst the first time, my lips had felt odd, which I'm assuming was down to the fact that I'd never used it before. I added a little Vaseline just to get rid of the "grit", and I found that my lips do feel quite soft after all.
Overall: Even though I didn't use a lot of ingredients, I get the feeling this this little pot of goodness is gonna last for a while, and I fully intend to continue using it, whether it works or not!

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