Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Batiste Dry Shampoo Blush Review

My Problem Areas: Hair that gets greasy really, really quickly. And I mean, in the space of hours, depending on what I do in the day, and how I style my hair.

What I was Looking For: Something that would refresh my hair, in between washes, because I'm trying, on advice, not to wash it every single day! I'd heard about Batiste in the past, because my mum used it whilst she was in hospital a few years ago, and it appears to be everywhere at the minute, because everyone seems to be reviewing it, and it's winning Beauty Awards, so I figured that it was time to give it a try.

Why Did I Pick Blush? I'd like to say that there was a really big, special reason for picking Blush, but to be completely honest, I bought it because it was the one that I'd heard the most about in the press.

My mum had used the Original one, which was expectedly cheaper than the others, but I'd wanted to try one of the newer ones. But, when I say "one of" I did not expect to find as many as I found! I had no idea that they had ones for brown and blonde hair! Which, was no use to me anyway, since my hair is currently dyed reddy-brown!

Beside, Coloured Dry Shampoo and the Original one, I had Blush, Tropical, Boho and Diva to choose from. I'd attempted to pick one by the smell, but well, without looking like I was trying to get high on them, they were a little difficult to smell. So, as I said, I just went for the one "scent" that I had actually heard of!

I've also, this very minute, discovered that they also do Travel-Size editions...well, who knew??

How it Works: From roughly 30 cm (how exactly we're supposed to know what 30cm looks like I'm not sure, but I didn't think that getting my ruler out would be at all practical!!), spray the product into your hair, giving as even a coverage as you can manage.

Massage the product into your hair and scalp, and leave for a few minutes, before brushing out completely. This part is really important, unless you want, as my boyfriend put it "two-tone hair", that would apparently be "good for a night out"...not quite sure about that one, but I'll just smile, nod and agree, just because that's easier!

What's it Supposed to Do? Quite simply, "refresh" your hair, so that it doesn't look greasy, feels cleans whilst giving it lots of body and smelling great!

What does it actually Do? Hmm, well it smelt....interesting. And yes, it didn't look greasy. But, it didn't "feel" clean, as it claimed, and it certainly didn't add any kind of volume to my hair either. 

Maybe I'm weird, but I don't think I could go out in public with hair that felt greasy, even if it looked generally all right. I just wouldn't feel confident, and I think that paranoia would just take over. 

Regarding volume, I can understand why they would say this (on their website, they promote using Batiste Dry Shampoo for big Bouffant-type hairstyles), because when you consider that you're spraying it "mostly" into your roots, it would be expected to give at the very least a little boost, just like if you were spraying the roots with hair spray. However, my hair is really fine, and because there was still a little bit of greasiness underneath (no matter how much I sprayed, this greasiness did not want to go away...I think I ended up using nearly half the tin...so, not really good value for money in that sense!!) 

Would I use it again? Generally, no. I think that if I'm going out in public during the day, I just wouldn't feel right not having washed my hair.

I would, however, consider using it when I go swimming in a morning, because it's annoying to have to wash my hair before I go, and then to wash the chlorine out afterwards as well. So, I think I could manage to get to the swimming pool having used it.

But, I think that's all I'd use it for, and only because getting to the swimming pool isn't really that long a journey, but enough to not want to do it with greasy-looking hair!


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