Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Asda Nail Varnish Remover Pads Review

I've been doing a lot of Konad nail art, partially down to wanting to experiment with my new OPI Shrek polishes. So, it's no surprise that I ran out of nail varnish remover, unfortunately so had Asda, which meant that I ended up buying this little pot of 25 (the picture says 20, I know) polish pads for £1.

I've used similar pads for removing make up, so I was fairly positive that these pads would do an okay job,and for a £1, they didn't seem too expensive.

Packaging: Well, purple is my favourite colour, so I'm always going to say nice things about packaging that is purple. It's neat and small, so it fits easily into a handbag (you honestly never know when you might need varnish remover!). You can't really fault it, because it serves it's purpose, without being excessive.

Scent: The first thing that quite literally "hit" me, when I opened the pot up, was the fact that it doesn't smell like ordinary Remover, which I'm sure everyone knows, is infamous for being overwhelmingly strong and not particularly nice. This smells more fruity than I'm used to, and that was definitely a pleasant surprise, because I absolutely detest the smell of normal Removers.

First Use: I'd briefly read reviews for this product, claiming that it gets even dark shades off in one  wipe....what a joke! One sweep of these wipes didn't even smudge the nail art, and typically it doesn't take much to get those off, even before a slightest bit of normal polish goes. So, I scrubbed a little harder...nope, still wasn't budging. 

I had to rub really hard to get most of my polish off, which meant that the wipe practically disintegrated, and it didn't last more than a couple of fingers, which was incredibly infuriating. What's more, it still had real issues removing the polish around the edges.

That wasn't the end of my problems though, because I just ended up getting the liquid from the pads all over my hands, which left them feeling quite disgusting.

Using with Konad: Anyone who uses Konad Nail Art, will know that during the stamping process, you need to clean the scraper and image plate in between each use, which is simply done using nail varnish remover. Doing this with normal remover, on cotton wool works fine, except I always seem to get cotton wool stuck on the scraper, so I was really keen to see if these pads were a better option.

Was it the Better Option? Good grief, no!! In fact, it was actually worse. Instead of wiping away the excess polish, it washed it away, leaving a huge pool of remover behind on the plate. This then meant that I had trouble getting the stamper to pick up the next image, because the new polish was practically floating in remover!

Overall: These pads are a nice idea, that smell great, but are absolutely useless and unnecessarily messy. I know they were only £1, but I actually want my £1 back please!!


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