Sunday, 2 May 2010

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Review

My Problem Areas: Irritated skin (there is nothing worse than spraying deodarant after shaving, and that sensation of stinging, agonising pain!), and being an impoverished writer (therefore too stingy to go out and buy shaving foam! Down with expensive shaving foam, I say!)
What I was looking for: To be honest, when I bought this product, I wasn't even looking for anything more than a cheap disposable razor, and I only looked at it, because it was in an offer where if you bought the Razor, you could get a pack of blades either free, or reduced, I can't actually remember. But there I was definitely drawn to the idea that this is a 3-in-1 razor, with moisturiser, saving me not only on foam, but also the pain factor, caused by typical shaving!
Why I chose the Wilkinson Sword Range: Other than the fact that it was on offer?? I've used their razors in the past, but honestly, cheap was definitely what swayed me towards this product.
How it works: Run the razor underneath a tap/shower etc, the water will activate the soap, and use as you would a normal razor, whilst the soap moisturises your skin. The razor adjusts itself so you don't need to press too hard. It is claimed that you can use a blade until the soap has run down.
Did it sort out my problem Areas? Definitely. I no longer dread spraying deodorant thanks to the moisturising soap, and I haven't needed a shaving foam since buying this groovy, chunky razor.
Any Downsides? The first blade that I used didn't have a very long lifespan, as the soap quickly cracked, and gradually fell off the razor completely, turning the blade into a typical standard razor, which defeated the purpose. This has fortunately, only occurred the once!
I don't recommend this razor for the legs, however, because I found that the razor went blunt incredibly quickly, and for something that isn't particularly cheap, at full price, you want it to last a while. Longer than a disposable razor, at least.

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