Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Wella Shockwaves Boost it! Volumising Mousse Review

My Problem Areas: Thin, lifeless hair, with no volume. So, yeah, my hair is pretty boring really.
What I was looking for: Predictably, I was looking for something to add some volume to my hair. Practically every girl who has fine hair, will be a pro at back combing, but with hair that gets tangled pretty well by itself, well, all those knots created from back combing can not be a positive thing! 
I wanted a miracle cure to give me volume with very little energy, because all my frequent readers will know that I am so laid-back, I'm practically lying down (and asleep!!), so anything with little, to no effort is wonderful in my little bubble-world!
Why I chose this product: Bright red, shiny can...I can't resist shiny! No, joking aside, there were two things that attracted me to this product. First of all, was the fact that it contains heat protection. I know that I already use heat protecting spray, but surely extra protection from damage, is better than no protection at all! Also, the way that the instructions directed you to use the product seemed to make sense, and the guarantee of volume is very alluring to a girl with thin hair. Is it ironic that a fat girl, should have thin hair? I'd gladly swap!
How it WorksSquirt the mousse onto the teeth of a wide-tooth comb. If you have really fine hair like me, don't use too much, as it could potentially make your hair heavy, which defeats the purpose of this product! Flip your head so that your hair is upside down, and comb the mousse through. Dry your hair in this position for extra volume.
Did it sort out my Problems Areas? I've tried this on long and short hair, and it definitely works better on short hair than long, but this could just be down to the fact that the longer thin hair is, the heavier it is, which is what makes the hair so limp. 
Any Downsides? I actually tried the same things with the wide-tooth comb and drying it, using a cheap-as-chips Asda-brand mousse that wasn't designed for any special purpose like the Wella one, and it had the exact same results....hmmm...
So, basically, I paid £3.15 not for a unique product, but for the advice on the side of the can!! Most expensive tip EVER! 

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