Monday, 10 May 2010

Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

Eye shadow Primer and me: I first used an eye shadow "primer", after watching a Lauren Luke "BarryM era" video, in which she "primed" her eyes with a BarryM Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon, in Gold (I think...I used the crayon so much, in the past, that it's now incredibly short!!) I liked using the eye crayon, but it was never as good as I think I wanted, which is probably because it was never designed to be a primer.
After my brother bought me the Urban Decay eye pencils, I began looking into other things that UD did, and I quickly learnt about the hype surrounding their Primer Potion, and with such a cute bottle, how could I resist?
Testing the Product: I actually conducted two experiments to really test Urban Decay's Primer Potion.
Experiment One:
For the first experiment I patted four "patches" of Urban Decay's Painkiller eye shadow onto the back of my left hand. I attempted to make sure that each area consisted of roughly the same amount of powder, applied using the same eye shadow brush, and in the same "dabbing" motion. The only difference with each "patch" was that each area had been "primed" in completely different ways:
  1. Primed with BarryM's Gold Eye Crayon
  2. Primed with a thin layer of Urban Decay Primer Potion
  3. Primed with two layers of Primer Potion
  4. Not primed at all, instead applied completely naturally
The Results:
    Over a long period of time, I went about life, regularly checking the areas for natural fading, and to put them through extreme measures, I rubbed at each of them to encourage fading. The results were:
    1. The area that was not primed, smudged straight away, whilst initially none of the others smudged at all.
    2. With further rubbing, the BarryM eye crayon was the first to really start to fade, with the gold colour starting to shine through, making the eye shadow look really patchy
    3. The un-primed area was the second to begin to fade
    4. The thin-layered UD Primer began to fade next, whilst the two-layered primer was still visibly more prominent as all of the others, for a very long period
    5. It took a long time and a lot of rubbing to get the two layers to show that much fade
    The following morning, every single area had practically gone:
    1. The BarryM area was the most faded
    2. This was closely followed by the un-primed area
    3. The thin-layered area was next
    4. The two layered area was the most prominent, but it was still practically gone
    Experiment Two:
      The second experiment came naturally, on Saturday day night when I went out, wearing a Lauren Luke inspired look, which you can watch here:
      I started off using the method that proved most successful for me, and applied two coats of Urban Decay Primer Potion.
      For the look, I used Urban Decay's Painkiller across my upper eyelid, with UD Flash along the crease and the outside corner, blending into the Painkiller, to create a bluey/purple similar to the colour Lauren created. Unlike in the video, I didn't add black eye shadow because when I tried it in the past, you couldn't see it, because I have small eyes!! 
      I also used Flash under my eye, applied using a wet eyeliner brush. The brush was wet, to ensure a more vibrant purple colour. 
      I didn't add black liquid liner to the top of the lid, because I felt it took something away from the colour on my top lid. So, I just finished the look my lining my lower water line with Urban Decay's Zero 24/7 Eyeliner.
      The Results:
      Well, I went out that night, in a pub and eventually a hot club and when I got home I was amazed to see that not only was my eye shadow not creased, but the colour still looked just as vibrant as when I went out several hours earlier. So, I decided to take the experiment one step further, and I actually slept, with my eye shadow on. Normally if I do this, I have eye liner down my cheeks, and my eye shadow is smudged in a yucky panda-eye fashion. Not very attractive, as you might guess!
      However, when I get up the next morning, my eye shadow still hadn't budged, and I was very impressed.
      Downsides? The bottle might be really cute and feminine with it's curvy bottle, but it's not very practical for getting the product out. When you're paying £11 for a product, you want to know that you're going to be able to use all of the product.
      I've come across videos showing you how to cut the bottle open, and blogs encouraging people to take out the restrictive topper at the top, but it all seems a little unpractical, and I don't know about anyone else, but I don't want to fight to reach the product!!

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