Saturday, 15 May 2010

Urban Decay Heaven

Well, this is a bit weird. But, today's blog, for the first time so far, is not a review. Yes, I  think I need a sit down to recover from that shock. Woo, okay, I've managed to compose myself. But, anyway, I thought this deserved a proper blog of its own. Three days ago, I converted my mum!
Forget converting to Christianity, Buddhism or Scientology. Nope, I converted my mum to something even more special. I converted my mum to the incredible, colourful and downright brilliant religion of...Urban Decay. It was truly a momentous day, for any lover of all things Urban. Okay, so she might not use it very much, but I feel proud that I introduced her to a brand that I love so much. And the stupid thing? We were there looking for stuff for me!
The truth is, that before Wednesday, I'd never had the privilige of standing in front of a proper Urban Decay stand. In the past, I've either received things as a gift, or have bought them when travelling on P&O Ferries. So, it was a very exciting event, and I didn't know what exactly I wanted, but it started it with the Assistant (who I'm glad to say, was the first make up counter assistant that didn't make me feel about two inches tall!) showing me the new eyeliner colours, and the super soft Finishing Powder (seriously, that stuff was so silky not only when she was putting it on me, but afterwards as well), then before I knew it my mum was having a makeover.
My mum doesn't really wear much make up, but she has a Ball coming up, so she was half looking for make up.
She walked out of there with over £70-worth of products!! Fair do's, it's not exactly difficult to spend that much money, and if I had the cash, I know that I could easily do it. But, she walked in there, moaning about how muchUrban Decay stuff I already have, and left with more than I have at home!
Anywho, this is what she bought: Surreal Skin Mineral Make Up, Half Baked and Sin Eye shadows, Fetish Blush and an Eyebrow Set. I'll do a write-up about these products in my next blog. But, I will say that the foundation looked amazing on my mum.
You'll be glad to know, that although I did initially walk out without buying anything, I did eventually pop back and buy a Deluxe Shadow Box, which I love, love, love (thanks mum!), I'll also be reviewing that in the not-too-distant future. I need to review the Preen Box first, in all fairness!
I'd love to hear any of your "convert" stories. It doesn't have to be Urban Decay, but if you've ever converted a friend or family member to loving your favourite beauty brand, then let us know :)

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