Thursday, 6 May 2010

Snog, Marry, Avoid Review

Channel: BBC3
First Broadcast: 23rd June 2008
Concept: Girls with "enhanced" chests, skimpy outfits (if that's what you can call them), fake tans, tattooed eyebrows, and several galloons of glitter tipped over their heads are hauled in front of sharp-tongued "POD" (Personal Overhaul Device), who tells them a few home truths and gives them "make unders", stripping them of all their "fakery", and enhancing their natural beauty!
Most Notable "Make Unders": Practically every make under is notable, purely for the fact that every single individual that undertakes a make under steps out looking a heck of lot better than when they dared to stand in front of POD. 
In April 2009, Scottish lad Ross, became Snog, Marry, Avoid's most infamous guest, after being branded Scotland's No. 1 Male Barbie, and blogger Perez Hilton featured him on his Twitter page.
As the series has progressed, Jodie Marsh quickly stood ahead of any other celebrity as the most named "Style Icon" for many participants. This led Marsh to be hailed as POD's arch-nemesis, and the pair finally came face-to-camera in the second series.
The weird thing was, that Jodie Marsh turned out (in my honest opinion) to be one of the few participants to look better before the make under, purely because the dress, and lack of bold eye make up, did not suit her. I'm not a fan of Marsh, and I'm not saying she's pretty or ugly (that's up to perception), I just personally think she looks better with the make up. I'm not, however, going to comment on her clothing.
My Thoughts: Whilst I absolutely love playing with make up, just like nearly every female (and many males too), I think that there is definitely such a thing as too much, and I definitely back the campaign, popularly spear-headed by BBC3's Snog, Marry, Avoid, for natural beauty.
There's no harm in enhancing what you have using colour, contouring etc, or hiding your flaws using concealer or foundation. However, all of the individuals really need to realise that they do not look beautiful. They look bloody ridiculous! 
"Drag Queen" and "Clown" springs to mind in many cases.
The sad thing is that the majority of "contestants" end up reverting back to their old ways. I think that this highlights a major point, about why exactly they dress like that in the first place. Personally, I can't help feeling that 99% of these girls (and guys) look a lot better after the make under, so why do they go back to before? I think that it's mainly to do with confidence, and the lengths we as human-beings go to to feel good about ourselves.
It is definitely an interesting programme.


  1. This is a controversial one, as although I wholeheartedly agree with you that almost every contestant looks better post-POD than they did before, there is something to be said for individuality, and in some cases (most notably the ones where goths or other alternatively-dressed people are on there) maybe it's better to celebrate differences than make everyone look the same, which POD seems to want to do! I just can't decide!

  2. I think when it comes to Snog, Marry, Avoid the participants come in two categories:

    1. Those that are being individual and creative with their style. These ones POD usually doesn't do anything with!

    2. Those that "think" they're being individual, but are actually just sheep, with their orange tans, hair extensions etc

    The second group were definitely the main focus of my article when I originally wrote it.


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