Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review

Today's review is a little different to normal, because this isn't something that I went out and bought, but rather something that I won in a Rimmel Giveaway. The incredible thing is, that I actually received a whole bottle of this foundation, so it's not even like it's just a sample! And Rimmel gave away 10,000 of these?? Crazy! But, I'm not complaining! I'll try to review this in a similar fashion (although not entirely the same) as my normal reviews!
My Problem Areas: Normally, this is where I write redness, but in all honesty, since my gentle and oil-balancing skin care regime, including the usual use of a mineral-based foundation, my face really doesn't seem to be so red anymore. I do, however, have a few spots which are in desperate need of hiding.
What does the Foundation claim to do? The name "Perfect Match" pretty much sums up what Rimmel claim this product does. It is supposed to "adapt to skin tone and texture" to give the wearer a "perfectly flawless finish". This is apparently because of a technology called "Smart Tone" which "mimics" your skin tone. It is supposed to be very blendable.
Does it do what it claims to do? I'll be honest, I got shade 201, which is Classic Beige, and it is far too dark for my skin tone. But, when you think about it in a literal sense, if this "Smart Tone" is as good as they make out, surely it should still adapt to my skin tone, right? Yeah, who am I kidding!
It's very watery, so when I tried applying it using a foundation brush, I thought that it was a bit messy, but this the watery-ness meant that it did blend incredibly well, and it smelt really nice too.
Good Points: Blends well, smells quite nice, seems to last a really long time, and it had really great coverage, covering my bad skin perfectly.
Bad Points: It was quite messy, and unfortunately the shade was too dark. It feels awful on my skin, and never really seems to dry fully, which is really annoying. To the touch, it's weirdly sticky.
Overall: I really wanted to like this product - it was free, who wouldn't want to like it? But, unfortunately I don't. I think that even if I had a lighter shade, the feeling it leaves on the skin would put me off. Going on nicely, is important for me, but feeling good is just as important to looking good. I guess it's about feeling confident.
So, it's fair to say, that no, I wouldn't buy this product in the future.
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