Friday, 7 May 2010

Rimmel Blue Me Away Nail Varnish Review

What I was looking for: I wanted a blue nail varnish that would match a top that I am intending to wear for a night out. The Barry M's 292 Navy nail varnish that I own is a bit too dark for what I wanted, and the first blue nail varnish that I picked up was way too light. My mum suggested this one, and when I picked it up it looked purple. I reluctantly held it next to my top, and it was the closest match.
The weird thing is that in pictures, it looks blue, and as you can see, it's title is Blue Me Away, but looking at the bottle, it looks like a dark purple, and on my nails it looks purple too.
How this product is "Different": I didn't actually notice this until after I'd bought it, bit Rimmel appear to have changed their application brush, by replacing it with a New XPress Brush, that proclaims a one second application. What is different about this Xpress Brush, compared to other brushes, is the fact that it is flat, and wider than other ones.This allows for more area of the nail to be covered in one sweep than ever before.
But, does it actually work? Honestly? Yes, I think it does. Anyone that has ever read, or looked up how the experts recommend you paint your nails, the consensus is generally one sweep down the middle of the nail, and two further sweeps on each side. However, with the Express Brush, one sweep certainly covered a larger portion of the nail. The boyfriend couldn't believe how quickly I had managed to paint them. And, even doing the right hand didn't appear to be as much hassle as in the past. 
What about the Colour? As I said it's a very dark purple/blue colour, which I think is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, images don't really do the colour any justice. I also think that the polish is very shiny, and is the sense of shine, a top coat is really not necessary. Plus, it looks amazing with my top!
Any Downsides? The only flaw, is that I seemed to get more polish on my skin, especially on my pinkie nail, due to the brushes width. And presumably for the sake of the Xpress Brush, this varnish was quite a bit pricier than other Rimmel polishes.

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