Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Diet Coke Nail Polish Review

Anyone who has visited their local Boots store recently, might have spotted that if you purchase two 500ml bottles of Diet Coke, you will receive a free nail polish, thanks to the lovely pairing of Diet Coke with Nails inc.
Each of the polishes represent a different fashion capital: London, Paris, New York and Milan, with each coming in a different shade representing something about that city.
  • London is a brown-shade, that represents London's "cool" taste of fashion
  • Paris is a luscious plum colour, representing Paris' infamous air of romance
  • New York is a vibrant pink, representing the "city that never sleeps"
  • Milan is a fire hot red, representing the Italian passion
Which shade did I choose? As a British girl, I really wanted to want the brown shade, but I'll be honest, I couldn't help feel that the shade was a bit boring. I think I just personally prefer more vibrant colours, and I couldn't resist the purple one, mainly because purple is my favourite colour! Plus, I'm really not a pink type of girl, and red, well it just is not me!
Did the colour turn out like on the bottle? Weirdly, when I actually applied the product to my nails, the colour was a lot paler than I was expecting, from what I saw in the bottle. However, it does honestly dry darkerI'm not really sure how much I like the colour personally, but I'm hoping that with time, it'll grow on me (hopefully not like a disease!)
Did the polish last? No. To be honest, this polish seems really cheap, because it didn't take long for it to peel off several nails. This is something that I've only ever really experienced with cheap polishes. I think that the only way to get the polish to "stick" to your nails, is by coating your nails with a good base coat before applying this polish. I'm not sure if a top coat will help, because in the past, I've found that some top coats create a similar "peel off" effect.
Will I be getting another one? Probably not. None of the other colours appeal to me at all, and whilst I'm not familiar with Nails Inc's other polishes, this one just seemed so incredibly rubbish. But, if you're buying two bottles of Diet Coke anyway, who cares since the polishes are free?
The offer will be running in most Boots stores until the end of June.

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