Tuesday, 11 May 2010

BarryM Dazzle Dust Review

My Problem Areas: I wouldn't say that this was a problem area, as such, but for a long time I'd gotten bored of neutral browns and smoky black eyed looks. I had a couple of lilac and green eye shadows, but I guess I just wanted brighter and more vibrant colours.
How I found BarryM Dazzle Dusts: The first BarryM product that I was introduced to, was BarryM's Glitter Eye Crayon in Green. And you know what it's like when you find a new brand, you want to try other products. At the time, I was really into wearing green (green eye liner was practically my personal trademark! Before BarryM I wore Rimmel), so it's really no surprise that the first Dazzle Dust that I bought was green.
What were my first thoughts: £4.50, at the time, had seemed like a lot of money for one little pot of eye shadow.However, I have since come across many (namely Urban Decay) eye shadows that cost a great deal more. Plus, putting into perspective, the size of the jar the powder comes in, it's guaranteed that these will last you a long time.
What are my thoughts now: I still love BarryM's Dazzle Dusts, however, because they are loose powder, they are incredibly messy,and it does get really annoying the amount of fall out that I have to wipe off my cheeks. When I use them, I have to make sure that I have a supply of baby wipes close by.
Overall, the colours don't seem to be quite as vibrant as the colours I have in my Urban Decay palette. 
What colours do I own?
  • Green Silver (DD83)
  • Electric Blue (DD22)
  • Bright Purple (LED 2) Limited Edition
  • Bronze (DD44)
  • Lilac (DD59)
  • Midnight (DD23)
  • Aqua Blue (DD63)
I also have Fine Glitter Dusts in Green Iridescent (FGD8) and Purple (FGD18)
What colour do I use the most? The Green Silver is definitely the most used, however, these days I wear the Lilac most.
Which colour is my favourite? Either the lilac or Midnight. Midnight is a rich dark blue, and can look a bit much, but blended with another colour, looks fab.
Any Downsides? As I said before, they are really messy, not just with fall out down the cheeks, but also in general. You can potentially pick up too much on the brush and make a mess. But, you really don't need a lot of this stuff to get a good look.

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