Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Schwarzkopf Heat Protection Straightening Spray Review

My Problem Areas: Heat Damage. Tangles easily.
What I was looking for: All I was really looking for in a product, was something that would protect my hair from heat damage caused by blowing drying, straightening and the (very) occasional curling. I've had a few problem with my hair breaking due to heat damage, and the ends getting incredibly dry due to that, so I wanted some protection. I also wanted something that would de-tangle my hair, because tangles are a nightmare, especially when my hair starts to get long, as it currently is.
Why I chose the Schwarzkopf range: To be completely honest, I initially bought this product, because it was the cheapest "decent" range that I could find when I was looking for a Heat Protection spray. To be fair, when it comes to heat protection, there is a very limited amount of products to actually choose from in shops, which is odd because a lot of companies make them, so why do shops offer such small ranges? That is just my experience of course.
How it works: The bottle suggests spraying on clean blow-dried hair, but personally this feels like it is defeating the purpose. Surely, you want to be using the spray to prevent damage caused from blow drying, so surely the spray should be used before any heat is applied to the hair. This is of course another option that the bottle gives, but it seems more like an afterthought. 
Did it sort out my Problem Areas? I definitely found that spraying my hair straight after I have washed it, helps me to get a comb through my rapidly growing hair, without too much trouble, I know that the spray isn't really designed to do this, as such, but it really does help. I can't say that it has helped protect my hair from damage, purely because I'm not an expert on hair, but I have certainly not had any breakages, like I have experienced in the past. So, I have overall been quite pleased with the product. So pleased, in fact, that when I recently ran out, I set out to purchase the product again. 
Any Downsides? None that I came across, the spray is easy to use, and even includes a lock, so that if you have kids, they're not going to be spraying the cat with it! It smells nice, and I think a really good price, compared to other top brands that do the same (often sometimes worse) job. As with all products that promise things, not really sure if it really prevents against heat damage, I guess I'll have to get a hairdresser to analyse that for me!

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