Thursday, 22 April 2010

Nair Hair Removal Cream Review

My Problem Areas: Laziness! I'll be honest, I hate, hate, hate shaving my legs. It has to be one of the most boring, time consuming beauty musts that us women have to endure. And then, whether you're in the shower, or the bath, it is a case of twisting and bending all over the place, to reach those awkward places, and if you're anything like me, usually manage to knick the bit behind the knee. Personally, I usually end up realising that I've missed a few spots, and the hairs just do not went to come off with the razor. I hate razor cuts, and why is it that after shaving, my legs always feel so sore? Nope. I hate it. My legs do not feel amazing, they feel like they want to be knee deep in ice cold water...and that really is saying something!
What I was Looking for: Again, I'll be honest. I was, quite simply, looking for a quick, simple and easier solution to hair removal, that didn't involve the hassle of shaving. And let's be fair, shaving can potentially be pricey in itself, because you have to buy razor's, and the better ones (you know, the ones that don't rip your skin off too much!) can cost a fair bit, and then shaving foam/gel can be expensive too.
If I wasn't a swimmer, and full of a little self-pride, I think I could have been tempted to never shave my legs ever again! But, hairy legs are just not attractive really, are they?
Why I chose the Nair brand: In a word (or four): Because it was cheap! Simple, really. I'd tried another brand that worked in a similar (although not exactly the same) kind of way, when I was at University, and it was just so expensive, that I never even thought about trying it again, especially not on my then student budget. I mean, in ASDA, Nair is as little as £1, with the sachets being even cheaper, although it's important to remember, when purchasing, that a sachet will last one use, whilst a tube will last two or maybe three applications. You can do the maths!
How it Works: You "Follow The Instructions Exactly", that's how!!
I have known people who have found that Nair, and similar products, have caused irritation to their legs, so I strongly recommend that everyone does a Skin Test, before using this product. To do a test, you just place a small amount of product on a small area of your leg (preferably somewhere that you would be using the cream) and if your skin feels fine 24 hours later, then it is fair to say that you will be perfectly fine to use the product without any trouble. If, on the other hand, you do find that you suffer any irritation, burning or stinging, do not continue to use the product. You might want to try the Nair that is designed for Sensitive skin if you think that you might have problems. It's the same price as the ordinary cream, luckily.
To use, smooth (don't rub) the cream onto the area of your legs of which you want to remove hair. Leave the cream on your skin, for no longer than 10 minutes, and then wash off in the shower. It's not recommended to use another product to wash it off, like soap or shower gel.
Did it Sort out my Problem Areas? Well, it get rid of the hairs on my legs! That's a start. And it did it without me having to twist, turn and bend here, there and everywhere! With past hair removal creams, I've had to rub the cream off using a sponge that came with it, but with Nair's Cream, I found that the shower washed it (and my hairs) off quite easily. Definitely impressed with how easy, and simple using the cream was.
It left my legs feeling lovely, smooth and fresh, without that burning pain that usually follows shaving!
Any Downsides? The smell. The smell of this product is really strong, like hair dye peroxide, and you're probably there on how strong this stuff is when you smell it from the tube. When it's actually on your legs, it actually smells like the product is burning the skin or hairs. 

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