Monday, 26 April 2010

L'Oreal Men Expert 24hr Hydrating Balm Review

As you might guess from the title, this is actually the first product that I have reviewed for men, and I thought that it would be really good to add a little focus on to these products, because the amount of products specifically aimed at the more "manly" consumer, has shot up a great deal over the past few years. It's almost as if a generation of men secretly using their girlfriend's moisturiser has finally stepped out of the shadows and shouted "you know what, I do use moisturiser. But, that's okay, because it's for men!" Personally, I don't see the big deal of men using products like this, because they suffer dry skin and breakouts just like us women...but anyway, this introduction is getting to be more like an essay than a simple intro. Therefore, I'll quickly point out that since this product is not mine and is not aimed at me, I'll be referring to my boyfriend in this blog. 
Problem AreasDry skin, especially after shaving, alongside stinging. Made worse by the necessity for daily shaving, with only weekend breaks.
What we were looking for: It's fair to say, that as a female, I have a lot of say over what products my boyfriend buys. He might not like me saying this, but he's just not very good at picking things for his skin, and as far as he is concerned if the bottle says "Moisturiser" then it's perfect. It doesn't matter that it isn't for his skin type (dry), and isn't even designed for the skin on his face, he will buy it, purely because it is "cheap!" Of course, cheap is always good, but if it's not what you're looking for, there's no point wasting your money. So, when I say "we", I predominantly mean "I". 
"We" were looking for something that would take that horrible "edge" away from his skin that leaves it feeling and looking terrible. So we wanted something that was moisturising, but relieving at the same time. We just wanted something that would look after his post-shaven skin.
Why We chose the L'Oreal Range: When we initially bought this specific product, it was basically because we found it as part of a "3 for the price of 2" offer in Boots. Offers like that always have a certain draw to them. But, after I graduated from University in 2005, I spent a lot of time living with my brothers, whilst (and for some time after) I was doing work experience in London, and one of my brothers used a couple of products from the L'Oreal Men Expert, and he'd always spoken quite highly of it. So, I thought that since it was on offer, it was worth a try for the boyfriend too.
How it Works: Like any moisturiser, you apply it to your skin wherever you feel that it is needed. Since the product is ultimately to be used after shaving, the main area to focus on is probably around the chin and mouth area. Despite that, I don't see any reason why the product can't be used all over the face, including forehead and cheeks, if those areas are particularly dry.
Did it sort out the Problem Areas? The boyfriend reports that whilst the moisturiser certainly soothes the pain, it's not really instantaneous and he can still feel the not-very-pleasant stinging for a while after use, although not quite as bad as without the product. The skin also appears to be hydrating throughout the majority of the day, without a need for further application. 
Any Downsides? The boyfriend found that the product was a little too greasy for his likings, and came to the conclusion that if you have remotely greasy skin, or even combination (mix of dry and greasy) skin then this product probably isn't for you. Having tried the product on my own face a couple of times, I can definitely vouch for this. Even if at the time of application, the skin is a little dry, it doesn't take long for the skin to feel oily and it's not that great.
So, overall the product does soothe the pain of shaving...eventually, and it certainly hydrates your skin all day long, but is only ideal for people with dry skin.

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