Dear August

My Dear August series was originally inspired by Emily Diana Ruth's Letter to July videos, that ran from 2013 - 2015. Although I have never dedicated as much time to this feature as Emily did, it's always a feature that I feel compelled to write at least one post for each year.

It's always nice to revisit it each year, to see how my attitude to the month has changed.

If you have never visited Emily's YouTube channel, I highly recommend it, because she is such a talented filmmaker, and her personality is just adorable.


Dear August: Packing Up and Growin Up (Aug 2nd)
Dear August: The Morning After The Night Before (Aug 4th)
Dear August: Big Town Girl (Aug 6th)


Dear August: So We Meet Again Old Friend (Aug 1st)


Dear August: We've Come So Far (Aug 1st)


Dear August: Like Ships in the Night (Sep 2nd)


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