Positive Beauty: What Size are you Really?

by - Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do you remember on Gok Wan's "How To Look Good Naked", he would always ask the women where they would place themselves in a line up of other women of varying body shapes? I always found that interesting, because every single time, the woman would place herself higher than she really was, and I used to think "Nah, I'd just be the big fat blob on the end".

It's seems almost human nature to have a negative attitude to our body, but Gok always made me questions if these women are getting it wrong, then am I? Are we so negative, because we have ourselves pegged all wrong?

When a PR company sent me an email telling me about an online quiz about body size, I was (as you can imagine) quite sceptical. Again, scepticism about such things seems to be human nature as well - for me, at least!

I'm one of those people who recently realised that I no longer look at myself in shop windows or mirrors in-store, because I hate how I look. when I used to see women at Gok Wan's show saying things like that, I would think that I would never get like that, but I did.

At home, I own a full-length mirror that my Mum loves, purely because it's so slimming. But, then when I look in it, and see a fat person, I come to the conclusion that if the mirror is making me look better, then I must look even worse than the girl I'm looking at - which isn't a nice feeling.

This negativity is basically what encouraged me to take a look at the quiz, which is being conducted by Marisota. It pretty much works the same way as "How To Look Good Naked".

How does it work?

It pretty much works the same way as "How To Look Good Naked":

1. You are given a selection of women - stood in a line - and you have to place the slider where you think you fit, in terms of your body shade/size. 

2. Next you'll be asked to take measurements for your:

    • Bust
    • Waist
    • Hips
3. The quiz will use the measurements that you provided to place you, where you really fit in the line up of women.

How did I do?

As I stated earlier, when I look at myself, I see a big fat blob, with very litter shape, which is why I selected the fattest along the line. So, imagine my shock when I read this at the top of the screen:

Say what now? 12.5% smaller??

The weirdest thing about the results, for me, was that I half expected to maybe be between the last two women, so to know that I'm between three and four body shapes smaller was just mind-blowing!

Unfortunately, whilst this was an initial confidence boost, I now find myself looking at those women that I'm in between, and I just think "No way, I'm definitely bigger than both of those". I can't get it out of my mind that maybe this is just a trick to make us feel more confident. I mean, we don't know what the measurements are for those women.

However, it's still nice to know that I have overestimated how big I really am.

The results also included information about my body shape, but I didn't really learn anything that I didn't already know from it. Although, it is nice to gain more confirmation that I am indeed a pear shape.


I like the idea behind the quiz, and I think that Marisota are on the right lines. Even if we don't know how accurate the quiz is, or the sizes of the women used, I think that this is an important quiz, that all women should take, because it forces us to question and re-evaluate the way we look at ourselves.

You can check out the quiz here.

Have you taken the Body Confidence quiz? How did you do?

Share your results in the comments below, and let's start a conversation about how we view ourselves. Join in over on Twitter or Facebook.

*Whilst I did receive the details of this quiz in an email, I blogged about it because I wanted to, not because I was asked to. I was not paid to write this post, and all opinions are my own and are completely honest*

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