Sponsored Video: The Evian Playground

When I was in hospital last week, it snowed - a lot - as in, when I arrived there were only a few flakes of snow coming down, but when we came out seven hours later, our car was buried under several inches of the white stuff!

Being cooped up inside a hospital, I didn't actually realise how much it was snowing until I was taken for a Chest X-Ray, and the young lady who took me, commented on how the snow made it feel like Christmas. She went on to say that it was nice, because January is such a depressing month, because we're all skint after celebrating Christmas and New Years, the weather is generally miserable and the temperatures are typically really low.

It's funny that even though snow is cold and causes a lot of issues (especially across the UK), that if we're given the opportunity to enjoy it - rather than having to battle through it on our way to school or work, then most of us absolutely love the idea of snow.

There's something so innocent and pure about the idea of snow, perhaps because so many of us associate it with our childhoods and happy memories.

That's why I decided to share this sponsored video with you. From the bottled water company, Evian, is such a great idea especially at this time of year, and yes, before the real thing arrived!

This is such a fab idea, and it's fun to see that even people who you might not expect, are actually joining in or at least appreciating the innocence of snow, and most importantly, the power of play!

Find out more about the Evian Playground here.

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