2013: Year of the Weight Loss

For me, 2012 will pretty much be the year that I finally stopped biting my nails. Admittedly, at the minute most of my nails are relatively short in length, but it's nice to know that they're not like that because I bit them, but rather because they broke!!

Kicking the nail biting habit has always been a big issue since...well, since I started biting my nails at around the age of six. However, accomplishing it has really helped to motivate me to tackle another habit that I want to get rid of, and that is my unhealthy addiction to junk food. I know that I can get my act together, so this time I'm confident that I'm going to do it.

Some of you might already know this, but at the beginning of last week, I had a bit of a health scare that really shook me up. Although I've been assured that it wasn't - at all - as a result of my weight, I've still found that the reality of spending seven hours sat in A&E not being able to breathe properly, was enough of a shake up to get me to lose weight serious-style!

I've actually spent the last week, recovering at my parents' where my Mum has had me on a very high vegetable, fruit and soup diet. I did slip up on Saturday, when I ventured into town, when I bought a Shapers packet of Chocolate and Caramel Popcorn, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it, because I've been using an app that tells me what I need to do to burn off those excess (bad) calories, and hence I spent ten minutes burning them off intensely on my Stepper!

So far, I've lost about seven pounds and my Mum thinks that you can tell I've lost a little weight around my middle, which is great. I'm certainly feeling less bloated, and I'm not suffering any of the illnesses that I typically get from binge eating on incredibly bad snacks.

I've also noticed that when I had some Strawberry Fruit Flakes over the weekend, I found them to be far too sweet, so hopefully that is going to help kick the sugar addiction, because I'm pretty much the same with salt. My Mum cut out salt when I was in my teens, meaning that I never use it either and now there are some foods that I just can't eat because I find them to be far too salty, which is of course another thing I need to avoid.

So, that's a brief catch up on my current life events.

I hope that everyone else's New Years have gotten off to a good start :)

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