Help a Fellow Blogger #GoodbyeGFC

Most of us are now probably aware that Google has withdrawn the use of Google Friend Connect for Non-Blogger bloggers. Unfortunately, this has left a fair few bloggers in "blogger exile", as their followers can no longer find them. So, Charlotte of Lipglossiping, and Liloo (@tsunimee) have launched a campaign to reunite bloggers with their followers:

Personally, I use bloglovin', but there are lots of other ways of following, including HelloCotton or even signing up for email updates etc. 

I know that this doesn't personally effect me, being a blogger-based blog. However, I do feel strongly about supporting fellow bloggers, and most especially the ones that work damn hard to build something up, only for it to be ripped from under their feet just because Google decides "y'know what, we don't want anyone to have that anymore".

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2 Responses to “Help a Fellow Blogger #GoodbyeGFC”

  1. Thank you for the support kitty kat xx

  2. thanks so much for this xx