The Positive Beauty 30-Day Fitness Challenge: Day Five

Day Five of the fitness challenge, yipee!! So how is everyone doing? Keeping up? I feel quite proud to be able to say that I've done it every day so far. As I chose completely random times when I was scheduling the posts, I genuinely have no idea when the posts will appear, but I've been attempting to do them as soon as I see them, and I'm finding them to be great motivation. Of course, sometimes I'm not in a position to do them straight away, but I am aiming to do them as much as I can.

To reward everyone who might have been doing the challenge, I am giving you the day off. How lovely am I? But, even though this challenge is all about keeping fit, consistently, for the course of 30 days, it isn't about wiping ourselves out. Therefore, taking a day off is a good thing to keep us sane!! Or maybe that's just me ;) So, TAKE A BREAK, otherwise you'll end up like this poor kitty....collapsed over your keyboard........!!

We all have motivations that keep us going when it comes to weight loss, and I wanted to share a few of mine. These are things that I really want to be able to achieve, and I can only achieve them if I'm a bit slimmer:

1. To be able to fit into my Graduation Jeans. These were probably the most expensive pair of jeans that I've ever bought, and came from Monsoon. I absolutely love them, and hope that I can slim back down into them.

2. To feel confident wearing dresses and skirts.

3. To feel confident no matter what I wear, especially during the summer, when more skin is on show. In winter, I can hide it behind a warm coat.

4. I want to be able to fit into clothes that also fit my boob size. At the minute, a lot of larger sizes seem to cater for bigger boobs, so I'd really love to be able to wear smaller tops that don't, perhaps, expect me to fill them with huge breasticles!!

5. I'd love to be able to buy clothes from Petite Ranges. Most petite ranges appear to completely ignore the fact that larger women can have short legs too, and I often have to buy trousers and jeans that I drown in!!

6. I want to be able to fit into Primark Clothes! I don't care how tacky most of the clothes are, I just want to have the option, especially when I'm looking for cheap clothes for holidays etc.

7. So I can decent walks, especially in Wales. A couple of years ago I managed to get up an incredibly steep incline with my brother and boyfriend, and although I was absolutely cream crackered when I got to the top of it, I was proud that I did it. But, I want it to be easier, because I hate that I'm missing out on seing some incredibly amazing sights, especially in Wales, a country that I don't think I will ever fall out of love with.

8. I'd like to build up the confidence to get into running. I'm not saying that I'd do a marathon or anything crazy like that (although, why not?), I always enjoyed getting on the treadmill, at the gym, so I think I'd enjoy going out for runs. At the minute, I always feel held back by this immense and overwhelming paranoia that people will judge me, because I'm fat.

9. I want to be healthy. I want to stop getting back ache from doing simple tasks.

So whilst you're taking a well deserved break from your fitness challenge, take some time to think about what your motivations are to lose weight. Remember to stay positive, and of course realistic. I know that I'm unlikely to fulfill my desires quickly, and that's okay, because I'm not in a hurry to lose weight. I know that if I lose weight crazy fast, then I'm just going to put it all straight back on again, and that defeats the purpose!

What is motivating you to lose weight?

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One Response to “The Positive Beauty 30-Day Fitness Challenge: Day Five”

  1. I want to see photographs of myself and be happy with how I look, I also want to fit into my "thin" clothes that I have in the wardrobe :)