All Change on Platform Kat's Beauty Reviews...All Change

Yes, yes I did just make a railway reference, and no, I'm not ashamed to admit it! Haha! Well, if you've made it this far (as in your reading the post, on my actual blog), you might have noticed that a few things have changed. Most noticeably, the name.

I've been unhappy about the name of my blog for quite a long time, and if I'm being honest, the name "Kat's Beauty Reviews" was never meant to stick around for as long as it did. It was a slap-dash type of name, that I gave my blog when I was first sorting it out, purely because I couldn't think of anything at the time, and figured that I'd choose something more suitable when I got round to it. Well, it would appear that it has taken me almost two years to get around to it, so yes, here we are, I've finally done it.

So, why the name change now?

For a while now, I've begun to feel that my blog's name just wasn't very representative of what I blog about anymore. I'm not reviewing stuff as much as I used to, and it seemed a little deceptive, and I felt like I wasn't being honest about what I blog about, in the name.

I felt like a name change would allow me to blog about a wider range of stuff, whilst not changing the overall feel of what I blog about. So, other than the name, nothing is really changing. I'm still me, and I'm still going to be rambling about the same old stuff. I'll just be using a more appropriate name.

Why Barefoot Girl?

When I started thinking about what to re-name my blog, I really didn't have a clue where to even start thinking. And I got to a point where I nearly asked my lovely readers to make suggestions, because I just couldn't think of anything. Then, yesterday, I came up with the idea of re-naming the blog "Barefoot Girl", because I felt that it strongly represented the person that I am, for several reasons:

1. I virtually never wear shoes around the house, and you'll be lucky to find me in socks. Okay, so in the winter, I'll probably wear my Ugg Boots around the flat, but to be hoenst, I really it. When I'm at home (as in parents home), I don't even put shoes on to go out into the garden, and I've even been known to leg it to the garage with bare feet, even when the ground is wet. Call me crazy, because I have no idea why I'm like that :)

2. I think that bare feet implies quite a carefree personality, and someone who is a bit of a dreamer, which I think definitely describes me. I spend most of my time dreaming up stories and such, so the blog name felt right.

And the subline?

Believe it or not, but it took me ages to come up with "The Beautiful World of...", which sounds quite sad, but it felt just as important for me to get right, as it did to get the right title.

Anyone who has been paying attention to all my blog changes over the past week (and I'll be honest, there has been several, for which I'd apologise, but without them, I wouldn't be where I am now!), might remember that for roughly a day, my header was a picture of a postcard. That postcard actually spawned the idea of having a title that was something like: "Postcards from a...." and the title would be the next part! For a while, I nearly called the blog, "Postcards from a Barefoot Girl.", with the header having a picture of a beach, but it didn't feel right, because it seemed like I was a travel-based blog, and obviously, I'm not, so I scrapped that idea.

I went through a huge number of idea including:

"The Dreams of a Barefoot Girl"
"The Musings of a Barefoot Girl"
"The Imagination of a Barefoot Girl"

As you can imagine, I was trying to convey an image that related both to me, and to the theme of my blog, but none of them quite felt right. So, I started looking up some of the keywords in the thesaurus, which led me to "The Beauty of a Barefoot Girl".

Unfortunately, I don't feel confident enough in myself, to go with a title like that, so I decided that "The Beautiful World of a Barefoot Girl", was far more appropriate. The reason for that, was because of course, the blog is about beauty, but not just beauty, as in cosmetics, but the beauty of the world, and the people in it too, so I think that, for me, I have picked the perfect title.

A Quick FYI

Although will still direct here, up to at least May, when the domain expires, the actual domain is now Of course, will also bring you here, as per usual :)

Okay, so this short update into the re-branding has evidently turned into a mini essay whoops. Sorry about that, and I hope that I haven't bored you all rigid :)

What do you think of the name change?

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8 Responses to “All Change on Platform Kat's Beauty Reviews...All Change”

  1. I love the new look and name :D x

    1. Thanks very much, I'm chuffed that you like them :)

  2. I love the banner. Do tell me the fonts? Sorry for the slight offtopic. :P

    1. Haha, thanks...the title font is called "Beauregard", and the sub title font is called "Sophie" :)

  3. i love your new name! mine is so boring :L

    1. Thanks very much :) It's hard picking a good name, isn't it? Give it time, I'm sure you'll find one that you're happy with :D

  4. I'm loving the new look! I've been noticing the changes recently on your blog and I'm glad you finally found the right name and look for your blog :) I will miss the old name, but loving the new one!

  5. A new year and a new change, i like this! I like the name and the white space on the blog. Good job, Kat! I also never wear socks either, I struggle to find a pair when i need to! Thanks so much for the lovely comment, Kat. Sometimes, I get so "in the zone" that I dont take a step back and think about things logically, i just continue doing what I'm doing before I hit a wall. Thanks for your input, i really appreciate it. Hope you've had a lovely weekend. Lots of love xxxxxxxx