**CLOSED** A Right Royal Giveaway (minus the Royal)

Hey guys,

You might remember that following from my Ji ji Kiki Giveaway, to celebrate my blog's first birthday, I promised you another one! Well, things didn't quite go to plan.

Basically, the box of products arrived on the Friday that I went to see Sucker Punch, at the Cinema. So, inevitably I missed it, and I kept forgetting to arrange for it to be redelivered. By this point, my Blog Birthday had arrived, and I still didn't have these products (slight mass panic), so I went and picked them up from the Royal Mail Offices. But, I then decided that I didn't want to run two giveaways so close together, so I decided to leave this one a few weeks, and run it alongside the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday Weekend (well, everyone else is jumping on the Band Wagon, so why not enjoy the ride!).

So, here is my "Right Royal Giveaway".

For a while, I've been trying to use more natural and organic products, because I've always been curious as to whether my sensitive skin would react better to them. It's even got to a point where even Simple products are causing me to breakout! So, when Julie from Wikaniko, offered me a few products for this giveaway, I couldn't say no, and yet again, I am very jealous that I don't get to keep these products for my myself!

All of the items on offer are 100% natural.

Items are:

Wikaniko Flushable Wipes

My parents actually use wipes similar to these, and I think they're a very simple, but great little invention. Instead of clogging up the Local Tip, you can throw them down the toilet and they dissolve (I think). I think this would be great for Mothers who are potty training their children, but (little tip), I actually steal my mum's flushable wipes to take off my Make Up when I'm at Home.

Wikaniko Lip Balm in Citrus Delight

First of all, can I say that this Lip Balm smells absolutely DIVINE! I really had to stop myself from dipping my finger in and trying it! Seriously, as a weak-willed lip balm FIEND, this was tough work to avoid!

I actually love how this has been packaged, in a cute little bag, it seems silly, but sometimes I think it's the little things that make the world nice :) Oh, and the weird stuff in the bag, is Lavender, which smells rather nice too. Not sure how long the smell will last on that though :-/

Wikaniko Bath Bomb in Wild Lavendar.
I loooove Bath Bombs, and can never have too many ones from Lush, so yet again, I envy the winner of this!! The packaging looks really crazy, but I didn't want to take it out, because I didn't want it breaking on transit to the winner. Unfortunately, that means that I can't comment on the smell, but if the lip balm is anything to go by, I guarantee that it smells lovely.

And boy is the photo rubbish of this Bath Bomb, but with it being in packaging, this was a pain and a half trying to get the right angle/lighting, so I'm really sorry I can't do the product more justice!

Something Extra

I'm also adding a Barry M Dazzle Dust to this Giveaway. This isn't something that was donated, or that I have received as a sample/freebie. This is a product that I bought, with my own money, only to get it home and discover that I already own it (only I could do that, right?) It has been opened, as in, there's no wrapper on it, because I'd wanted to check that they really were the same colour but it's never been used. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of this dazzle dust, but I assure you that no photo will ever do this colour justice anyway. It is No. 23 (Midnight) and the name is so befitting, as it is a very rich dark blue colour. It's quite shimmery, and looks fantastic for smokey looks. Personally I'd say that it's a bit darker than this image suggests.

So, that is FOUR prizes for one lucky winner :)

How to Enter:

  • Unlike the last Giveaway, this one is only open to residents of the UK (sorry non-UK guys!)
  • The point of this Giveaway is to thank my followers (whilst celebrating the Royal Wedding, of course), so to enter you must be a follower of my blog (and yes, I will check).
  • To follow, using Google Friend Connect (GFC) either click the "Follow" button at the top, or under the "Follow Me" section on your right!
  • All you need to do, is leave a comment below, telling me how you managed to be on my blog today.
  • Feel free to re-tweet this Giveaway, making sure that you mention me (KittyFairy) in your tweet.
  • Giveaway is open until 12 noon Tuesday 3rd May, so get entering quick, quick!
  • One winner will be chosen completely at random, using Random.org
Good Luck Everyone :-D

To find out more about Wikaniko, just click here :)


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7 Responses to “**CLOSED** A Right Royal Giveaway (minus the Royal)”

  1. I managed to be on your blog today as I have a big nasty Business Finance exam today at half 2, and I am currently procrastinating away rather than studying! :o(
    My email address is hellobeautiful61.blogspot.com
    :D awesome giveaway, thanks! xxx

  2. I'm reading your blog today to get a bit of an escape during my lunch break at work.
    Thanks for hosting another fab giveaway; the lipbalm in particular sounds yummy :)

  3. I check my blogger everyday for new blog entries and you were one of them so I came to your page to find another lovely giveaway - thanks for hosting another one!

  4. Hi hun really glad I found your blog. I spotted it as Tsunimee on twitter tweeted about it. Will definitely be back!

    smudge276 on twitter x

    Thanks for the giveaway

  5. I clicked on your link on Twitter, and here I am! Cool giveaway.


  6. I saw you telling liloo some people found your giveaway coz of her link so I looked for her link. So I guess I found it coz of you, but also coz of her lol.



  7. Igot here today because I already follow your blog...?! Plus you tweeted about it again today and so I relented and came to have a gander! :D xx